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Sometimes Its The Lack Of Service That Kills It

Guest showmeohio

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Guest showmeohio

I was poking around yahoo.com and found a listing for a new escort service in Indy called "Rainbow Entertainment Group".




I sent a email saying I was in Dayton (2 hr drive) and was interested if they had any full-service guys who fit my needs. Took a couple of emails to get a response, but it looked promising. "No problem" was the answer, "we can hook you up -- you will be pleasantly surprised".


I sent another email explaining that I DID NOT want to travel all that way only to be disappointed, so I left my phone number and asked if they would call me *collect* to discuss things (didn't want to cause them any undue expense).


Michael from REG called, but was very evasive when I asked specific questions. I thought maybe he was struggling with the legality of the escort/client thing, so I stopped pressing and figured I would have all my answers once I was in Indy. He didn't want me to get a specific hotel in a specific location until he "firmed up" who he was setting me up with. If I could get a room close to the guy he picked, it would help him out. He might even be able to provide me incall -- so I didn't have to pay for a room. OK. Nice.


He had 3 different guys that met my needs, but needed a couple of hours to "firm things up" with them. Since it would take me a couple of hours to get there, we agreeded that I could shower, shave and leave and by the time I got to Indy, (5PM Indy time) it would all be setup for me. He would give me directions to get to my selected escort.


It 4:30PM I called from just outside Indy and was told Micheal was "out for a bit".. OK.. I will call back. Called at 5PM (as we agreed) from the side of the highway..Michael was "too busy"..can I call back in 10 mins...(WHAT??!! I just drove 2 hrs and *HE* is too busy?!). Waited and called back and was told that Michael had to "leave" and I "should call back in 30 mins". UGH. The guy who told me this had to repeat it twice because I could not believe the rudeness of what had just happened. This was the "service" a "entertainment agency" provides?!


I immediately called and booked a session with Mike in Indy (see him at)

[http://www.male4malescorts.com/states/ebyregion.htm]-- who **rearranged** his workout so he could be with me (and was so sweet). SERVICE -- what a concept! Mike is a independent escort.


AN HOUR AND A HALF AFTER my arrival in Indy -- Micheal from REG called me back. I told him I had made other arrangements. He "just wanted to make sure I was taken care of" (W*H*A*T*?!). No apology. No "I-had-a-problem", no "I hope you try us again". NOTHING. He just didn't care that he lost a customer. Thought maybe I would have a apology email when I returned home but... well you know. You could tell from my voice I was not happy. In fact, I said that I got tired of all the run-around and "took care of myself".


Apparently I was supposed to sit at the side of the highway waiting for him to get some time for me.


Can't comment on the quality of the escorts - if any exist - because I never got that far. If I was represented by the "Rainbow Entertainment Group", I would feel very cheated. I would wonder how many other customers have been mistreated and how much business was lost due to a lack of common courtesy and respect.


If you are considering them, my advice is MOVE ON!!!


HOOBOY -- should I submit a review, or is that JUST for specific escorts, not the agencies???

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