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TV Commercials You Hate?


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Although "The Amazing Race" is my favorite reality show I hate the Travelocity gnome. Thus I would rather watch the show the next day on CBS All Access without commercials rather than watch the show "live" and have to endure the Travelocity gnome commercials!

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The goal always is to hit mute before they start talking...




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Sometimes it's the voices. Like that horrid scratchy-voiced Rachael Ray and her dumb-sounding "Nutrish" dog food.


Or that scratchy-voiced woman (or young girl? can't tell) who does the voice-overs for Panera Bread.


Or, any commercial where they think it's cute to get ordinary, tone-deaf folks to try to sing. (Subaru was a huge offender of that over Christmas with all those idiots trying to squeak out a few bars of "Put A Little Love In Your Heart.")


Speaking of Subaru - what the hell is their whole "love" thing all about? ("Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru" and all that nonsense)


Recurring characters - is anyone sick of Flo and her twinky idiot sidekick Jamie? (And the fact that they've all but abandoned the actual product - Progressive Insurance - in favor of stupid ads about stupid Jamie...)

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There is a recent Closet Works commercial which consists of a little girl complaining about how her life is so disorganized (particularly her shoe collection) that she is going crazy and that her parents need to buy her a closet system. Her voice pushes me to the brink.



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I don't think I've seen a tv commercial in maybe a decade. What with streaming services, disks, torrenting, dvrs, etc. I simply don't watch live broadcast tv.

Public broadcasters that do not carry advertisements are a blessing. Unfortunately not everything I want to watch is on the ABC.

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The constant rotation of three or four commercials during the World Cup. By now I hate them all.

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OMG so many.

  • Geico and Progressive have to be the worst if for no other reason the sheer volume of them, not to mention the fact that they have become totally inane.
  • Any commercial that presents children as authoritative or all knowing. Thinking of the one with the little girl as a car salesman. Forgot which brand it was pushing - which is a lesson I suppose for the creators.
  • That awful weepy facebook commercial where they say "we came to make friends and find people like ourselves and we got pop-ups and fake news". Boo-freakin-hoo. No mention that they stole your personal information and profited from it. (and still are, I don't believe anything they say)

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