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The Path (Hulu Series)


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We're now in the third season. There is a character Hawk; he's in his early 20s. He's the son of one of the group's leaders. Last season he had a girlfriend; they were sexually active. Now in the third season her absence was explained by saying she is in Haiti.


Hawk has met a gay young man named Caleb whose father is the minister of a fundamentalist church.


Hawk and Caleb are sexually active. Hawk said that he had never been with a guy before. Caleb said that he has fooled around with a guy in the church but it was all secret.


In one scene Hawk and Caleb are in a gay night club and there sitting at a table is the guy from the church. It was after that that Caleb's father went to see Hawk's father. Hawk's father was unaware of the relationship but has no problem with it. Unlike Hawk's father Caleb's father is none too happy about it.

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