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Seeking Expert Advice On Sexy European Escapade


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Hey, guys!


I'm in the process of being laid off from my 15-year long job, which at least is giving me a nice severance package and time to consider what's next for my continuing adventure. One thing I've always regretted about being tied to my career was never making the time to follow my heart (and my nether bits) on a long, leisurely tour through Europe. That's about to change!


I've attempted time and time again to research the best itineraries for myself, but I always gave up in frustration at how outdated or scarce or just downright misleading the available information tends to be out on the web. Having never been to Europe, it's hard to tell which advice is good and deserving of a two or three-day stop to investigate, and which bits of suggestive tourist bait could get me into an unsafe or unsavory predicament along the way. So I figured I'd enlist the help of this forum to come up with a rough itinerary through mostly Eastern Europe with a stop in Paris and Barcelona perhaps at either end.


What I'm looking for is information on the general availability of both professionals and non-working local men in cities like Sofia, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague, Kiev, etc. I know that many of those major cities have small, supposedly safe-ish pockets of gay nightlife, etc. But I guess I'm left wondering how much Czech Hunter has polluted my expectations and how much of it is perhaps as salacious as I've heard. For instance, were I to enlist the services of a local provider in Romania for a day or two, would it be more likely that we might easily draft a horny local or two to join us for a spell, or that I'd wake up from a stupor handcuffed to a metal bed frame watching my suitcase and valuables be rummaged and ransacked on their way out the door? I mean, I know either scenario could go down here in the states just as easily, but I feel confident enough to know when and where to expect a good mugging, thanks to experience.


What do you think? Any "must do" locations you think a horny 44-yo should enjoy, or any "steer clear" advice to spare me any unwanted trouble? Let me know what your experience has been, and if you have specific advice on lodging, dining, or providers that'd be excellent as well.


Thanks in advance!

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I have hired in Vienna and Budapest. I have been further East, but not hired there.


I felt perfectly safe in both cases.


The main thing is to bring the guy to your hotel, don’t go to his place. In a busy hotel, there are many other people which means you should be safe, even the worst type of guy wouldn’t try anything that would make you scream. Don’t let yourself be muffled or attached to the bed, that is all. And don’t drink anything that could have been tempered with. And use the hotel safe for all your valuables, which removes the temptation.


Another risk is blackmail. Check the laws on prostitution in each country before you hire. Wikipedia will give you that information, just lookup “prostitution in ...” If prostitution is legal, you cannot be blackmailed for doing it.


You probably already know all the above, sorry I feel I am not so useful.


Barcelona “Sauna thermas” is a great place for a lot of good sex at very low cost.


There is a very long Prague thread over at boytoy.com forums, probably some useful info for you there.

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As Tarte says, the Prague thread over at BT is the definitive source for Prague and very current. ("So Cute Boys in Prague") https://www.boytoy.com/forums/topic/16298-so-cute-boys-in-prague/.


Hunqz.com (part of Romeo) is the main source in Europe. Rentmen is just catching on slightly.


Two odd things about Prague:

1. The escorts on Hunqz change their names every couple months and you really need a source like the Prague thread to know the good ones current names.


2. Most of the good ones from Czech Republic (ones from Bel Ami, William Higgins, Staxus etc) mostly work in Switzerland now. The agent who handles most of them has shifted most escorts there. Even if you luck up on a Czech when he's in Czech willing to work there, he's going to expect Swiss prices now....E200 ($250) instead of K3000 ($150) --which is already double the German standard starting rate of E70.


Thermas Sauna in Barcelona is a great place for E50 half-hour dates in cubicles. Especially if you're into muscled tops. Dozens with boners sticking out as you run the gauntlet in the hallway. Pay the E10/hr for "Room #1".....well worth it. Air conditioning that works, 9x12 room, double bed, videos. Adan in Madrid is also supposed to be decent. Again BT has the definitive thread on Thermas including photos of the guys.


Hustlers are part of German culture and every major city has several hustler bars. But there are almost no Germans in them any longer. 90% Romanians and Bulgarians who are more into robbing and ripping off than any sort of sex. When you go into one put your money in your socks under your feet. Only "date" off the internet. The "Bahnhofjunge" who worked German train stations since the first German train are all gone. They have smartphones.


You don't have to go to Romania to be robbed by Romanians. Waste of a trip. You can enjoy that experience anywhere in western Europe. They avoid central Europe though (except for Berlin).


Hungary and Hungarians are odd (so are their cousins, the Finns). Action Bar in Budapest was the best live-sex bar anywhere but since it closed Budapest can be dead. Bel Ami has a big studio there and it's a beautiful city but not sexually hot. Closeby Vienna is much better.

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