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Africa Travel Escort/PA - Legit?


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Hey guys, hope you can help me out. I'm brand new at this and I have gotten a pretty complicated situation I'm dealing with. I need to add that my niche is turning out to be for older, educated guys because I'm on the young end of that demographic, so that's background. They like me for my brain LOL.


I have broken it down in bullets, for myself mainly :) So...


  • Guy writes me on rent.men. Says he wants to hire me for a week trip in March. $5500.
  • Refers future emails to his email. Googled it, nothing weird
  • Wrote an email saying I'm interested and I can make that week work, tell me more.
  • He writes back fairly soon telling me more and providing pictures. White guy, late 50s, tanned, well maintained and not unattractive. Nice dick too.
  • Here are the details of the trip he is proposing:
    • Needs an escort/personal assistant for some multilateral trade agreements in Africa. (Abuja first, then Johannesburg.) Says I'd need to help him with work during the day. Asks if I've ever been to Africa.
    • Follow up email: Sure, the work thing is fine, I have been to Africa, I speak French yada yada.
    • He writes back. Saying great, let's do this. He says he's spoken to a travel agent in Africa to handle the visa, flight and hotel bookings. I Googled the email he gave me which says (I'm blanking out part for privacy) [legitimatesounding][email protected]
    • I wrote him back saying I'd follow up and BTW where does he live.

That's where I am now. I haven't written to the travel agent email yet. I don't want to go down a rathole here. Especially being new to the industry LOL. My thought is that I need to see serious bank before I do anything. Not sure what I should ask for around that in the event this is legit.


I can handle myself in Africa if that makes any difference. That part doesn't scare me off.


Thanks for any advice!

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since you're "new at this", please be careful of these rackets......welcome to the forum.....don't take it too seriously around here, but we hope you'll offer some good comment at times.....


would've been fun to string this con artist along for a long while, though, and see where it goes, eh?!......


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