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8 Male Masturbation Strokes


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I went to a Body Electric workshop a while ago. I was trying to remember the different strokes they taught - one of the other guys in the class emailed me with what he remembered, substituting "Cat" to avoid the email getting caught by any porn filters in effect...

  • Stroking the golden fire: This technique involves stroking your cat's rear legs, up the inside of the leg and down to the outside
  • Warming the furnace: This technique involves rubbing your feline friend's abdomen in a clockwise manner (if you were facing your cat)
  • 12 o'clock high: Take the cat's tail and stroke it upwards toward kitty's belly
  • Rock around the clock: this involves stroking your cat's tail as you gradually (and gently) move it around in circle
  • 6 o'clock good news: take the cat's tail and stroke it away from kitty's belly down between kitty's legs
  • Twist and shout: gently twist kitty's tail over and with both thumbs gently massage the sensitive underside of the top of your cat's tail (not for every kitty)
  • Cockscrew: grab the cat's tail at the base and run your hand the length of the tail with a gentle twisting motion
  • Juicer: place thumb and fingers around the end of kitty's tail and tug gently
  • Hairy Palm Sunday: I believe this involves an open hand moving in a circular motion along the underside of kitty's tail
  • Fire: place your cat's tail between open palms and roll (like you're working with dough)
  • Cross-country: both of us remembered the name of the technique, but couldn't remember what it involved.

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your first boyfriend was doing the touching??!! ;)



No sir. I discovered I would get erections while doing chin ups. Just pull up and suspend your naked body in mid air and it takes less than a minute. This is how I liked to masturbate during my teenage years. Far more satisfying than the hand job

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