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old people say rhe funniest things


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My 80-something year old father called me and said "all my money is gone." He also called my brother. My brother was ready to launch a criminal investigation against - well, not sure who. I calmly asked if either of them called his bank to inquire about his CDs, savings accounts, and investments.


Once cooler heads prevailed, they called. We learned that what he meant to say was "my checking account balance is near zero and I unintentionally renewed a CD instead of transferring some of the money to my checking account." The bank was happy to waive the early withdrawal penalty on the CD he renewed WITH MY BROTHER'S HELP THE PREVIOUS WEEK !!!


A couple of days later, he called me again with a similar claim. He also called my brother. This time, my brother called me. Turned out he didn't transfer any money to his checking account at another bank, from which my mother retired and for which I worked for ten years. During my tenure, I trained the manager at his branch. I called her to ensure no checks would bounce and my brother took him to withdraw money from Bank "A" and deposit to Bank "B."


Dad had an excuse - he was 80-something and suffering from dementia. My 41-year old brother on the other hand...:eek:

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