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Initial contact with an escort


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(I recently posted this in The Deli, but thought it was appropriate to post here, too, so I could solicit advice from escorts and get their perspective.)


I'm looking for some honest, constructive feedback to help me in this area. In a past thread I was outspoken in my belief that it's better to correspond back and forth first with an escort to get a feel for whether we are compatible before actually setting up an appointment. Many people told me that was the wrong approach and that it was better to set up an appointment and then work out the particulars. Maybe escorts prefer this approach because the reasoning is that clients are less likely to cancel if an appointment is already on the books?

Here's the thing. I'm not looking to hire purely for a physical bang and then out the door. Don't get me wrong. The sex is important to me, but what I am primarily looking for is a boyfriend experience that leads to the sex. I want an honest, genuine connection, deep kissing, affection. It's virtually impossible to determine from an ad alone if the escort can deliver this. To know for certain requires a willingness to correspond and even talk briefly on the phone.


I need some help with this, though, because lately I have had rotten luck both ways. I have gotten blocked twice by escorts now in the past three weeks. In the first scenario, I tried it my way. I contacted the escort, told him I was interested in his profile and wanted to talk about what I was looking for to see if we'd be compatible. Things were going along okay (I thought) for about 5-6 brief text messages back and forth. I was ready to take it to the next step, so I asked if he'd be willing to talk to me on the phone for a couple minutes so I could elaborate on the type of meeting I was looking for. Silence. After a day or two went by with no response, I found I'd been blocked.


So I decided to try it the other way. I contacted an escort to let him know I liked his profile and offered a date and time to meet along with desired length of session (which was a guess on my part because I had no idea if there was any chemistry between us). He agreed to the time. He didn't ask me about what I wanted out of the session, what my interests or desires were...nothing. So I brought it up. We texted back and forth three times, and then he blocked me.


To say I am frustrated is an understatement. Neither approach seems to be working. Many guys on here seem to handle booking with ease and effortlessness. So how detailed are you when you initially contact an escort? Is it not expected that the escort will take the lead in determining what you want to do during a session? It just seems like most escorts don't want to take even the littlest amount of time to find out anything about you, which seems wrong considering the amount of money they are being paid for their time.


Truly puzzled, so any help is welcome. I am open to new ideas of how to do this. Thanks.

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