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alexkensington coming to Boston


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  • 3 months later...

He sells himself as a driven grad student on the link.


I can't confirm that, because he ultimately flaked out on me.


What I can confirm:

  1. He gives rates depending on what you request of him
  2. He requests photos (a deal breaker for some clients, so be forewarned)
  3. His communication and professionalism are spotty.


Why do I say #3? After getting a photo from me, he said that he had a lot of messages to go through because he gets a lot of enquiries (his spelling; he's not interested?), then stops replying. Responds to my rentmen message (this was sent way before my text) several days later continuing to ask if I want to book, even after I indicate we already texted (okay, maybe interested?). Confirms a time & rate, then goes radio silent through the day and through the appointed time. Doesn't respond to phone calls or texts.


There were a couple calls during the day from numbers that I didn't recognize. I tried answering one (no voice on the other end) and was in the bathroom for the other. I texted AND called him shortly after the second call, no response. Regardless, it's common sense to text if you can't reach someone right away by voice.

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1) He responded on rentmen apologizing. I will give him that.


2) Then offered that his phone wasn't working well in the US.

Okay, I'll partially give him that. Why? There are many alternatives to WhatsApp, etc. One can even get a temporary American line via SIM cards or through Google Voice.


3) He assumed that I wasn't interested because I didn't contact him.

Wait. I'm the client, and I'M supposed to contact HIM to confirm? In my prior successful experiences, escorts always confirmed with clients. Heck, the really good ones checked if you were okay en route. Not the other way around. And he had the entire day, before that evening to do so (or cancel, if he wasn't feeling up to it)

In any event, I called him 5 times in the hours surrounding the appointment. FIVE times. NO option for voice mail. And I left text messages, which WhatsApp registered him seeing only today. So, either he's lying that he didn't get correspondences from me, or his setup is just that poor. Neither which reflects well for him.


Unbelievably bad communicator. All around.

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Not allot to add. He’s here until Monday.


Sent him a note Thursday proposing a 2-hr on Monday. Responded about 24 hours later that he was leaving Monday, before my proposed time, and suggested an alternative time which didn’t work for me.

He was polite and thanked me for my note’s specificity.


Based solely on my experience and the absence of any other info I’d try to meet him again if he’s ever in town again.

it's coming.

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