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Mother of the Year


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Someone's gunning for mother of the year...


Sohail Justin Akhavein’s Instagram has plenty of “playful” photos, where he’s wearing nothing but his undies and knee-high heels. But the 30-year-old from Minneapolis is more than just a hunk: He’s employed in higher education, works with the disabled, and does some yoga instructing, too.


Some time ago Sohail’s mother found a unicorn mirror at a estate sale and, being the fabulous mother she is, bought it for her son. Sohail’s sister was jealous for obvious reason—I mean, just look at it!—so Mom decided to commission another one just like it.


She asked Sohail for pictures of the mirror to give to the woodworker, Sohail didn’t answer fast enough. That’s when she took matters into her own hands—grabbing Sohail’s thirst-trap selfies from Instagram.


“I was forced to use the only photos of the mirror I could find which were your gd smut photos,” she wrote in a message to Sohail.

Even better was the carpenter’s priceless response.


“He asked if part of his payment can be the man in the photos,” Mom revealed. “The gays are everywhere!”





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