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Sal Mineo


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Sal Mineo is mystery guest on the TV show from the 1950s and 1960s "What's My Line?"


So cute and such a nice body!. Watched the 60s movie he was in with Elaine Stritch and Juliet Prowse recently (Who Killed Teddy Bear), and he looks really hot. Didnt get the parts he shouldve gotten. But he was brave enough to be who he wanted to be.

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Oh, man. In his prime, Sal was so hot. I love, love, love him in "Who Killed Teddy Bear?" An odd movie that teeters on horrible but ends up being good, largely because of the excellent performances (including Sal in that gym scene). He had quite a number of other nice film roles around that time as well, but by the '70s seemed largely confined to guest shots on TV shows.

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I have posted this previously, but for those of you who are Sal Mineo fans, may have missed it, or may be unaware of this ...


He was the model for the painting, The New Adam, now regarded as one of the great nudes in American art...


Harold Stevenson

The New Adam


In 1963, Harold Stevenson's massive mural, The New Adam, was displayed at the Iris Clert Gallery in Paris. The mural is a 8-foot by 39-foot reclining nude man. The model was actor Sal Mineo, and the painting was dedicated to Stevenson's lover at the time, Lord Timothy Willoughby de Eresby.


The work was considered for inclusion in the 1963 seminal Pop Art exhibition "Six Painters and the Object" at the Guggenheim, but was considered too large, and that it would distract from the rest of the works.


In 2005, the painting was acquired by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.



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So he and Bobby Sherman were lovers. I had a crush on Bobby Sherman.


And regarding Don Johnson I think the first frontal male nudity I saw in a movie was Johnson in "The Harrad Experiment".


I went to see the movie twice.


Years later I was disappointed to see how his looks had changed in "Miami Vice". I did not watch the series.

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In 1969, his film career in eclipse, Sal Mineo directed a production of the controversial prison drama Fortune and Men's Eyes at the Coronet Theater in Los Angeles. Mineo (then 30) played Rocky, and cast the then-unknown Don Johnson (a few weeks past his 19th birthday, a year before his first film role) in the lead role of Smitty, a young man sentenced to six months in prison for marijuana possession.


(Three years earlier--in 1966--Dustin Hoffman had workshopped the play at the New York Actors Studio, taking the role of Rocky with Jon Voight as Smitty. Two years after Mineo's production--in 1971--Fortune and Men's Eyes was filmed with Wendell Burton as Smitty and Zooey Hall was Rocky.)


Sal Mineo's 1969 production, with male nudity and a prison rape scene, received positive reviews, although the expanded rape scene (below) was criticized as excessive and gratuitous.







eea.jpg c.jpg



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Don Johnson was a frequent cover boy for The Advocate in those days.

Sal Mineo was murdeed in the alley behind his Sunset Plaza apartment in 1976 returning from a rehearsal of "P.S. Your Cat is Dead" which had just moved to L.A. After a successful run in San Francisco.

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I often wonder about this stuff from the 60s and 70s and how uninhibited actors seemed to be back then. Makes you wonder if they fucked in rehearsal just for purposes of experiencing the feelings they would have to portray.


I think some of this comes from the fact that in the late 50s and then into the 60s and even into the 70s many actors were studying and practicing "method acting." Method acting relates to Konstantin Stanislavsky, a Russian actor , director, and writer that wrote a collection of important acting books, in which a "method" of acting , i.e., of approaching and preparing for an acting role is described. His philosophy was later taught by American acting coaches such as Stella Adler ( Brando's teacher) & Lee Strasberg (who ran the Actor's Studio, a well-known studio where Newman, Woodward, Marilyn Monroe,

among others, studied). A method actor generally trains in sense memories and emotional recall so that they can use feelings and states of mind from the past to express the character 's feelings at a particular time. In that way they can authentically laugh, cry or whatever (emote). Heath Ledger is probably a recent actor that may have used that style of acting.

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