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What Happened To Nick Parker?

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Hes cute. Does he do porn too or just escorting?

I've never looked to see if he does porn (and didn't ask). Could be fun to watch though! If I had to guess, I'd say no. He seems somewhat discreet about his escorting (although he posts clear face pix). Let me know if you find any!


He did porn years ago. It was a few scenes for Sean Cody.




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You're a genius, @big-n-tall! Thanks for tracking that down.


He does look better now. Still preppy/cleancut, but yes, more muscle. I saw him last year on a visit to Boston and then again this past fall and commented to him that he looked more developed, which he appreciated.


No genius... just a good memory. Thanks for the compliment though and you're welcome. :)

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Are Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher the safest bb between doubletested mostly str8 guys?


I don't know their testing but I think Belami is safe too.

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