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NY state of mind


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Will be in NYC 22-24 Dec. Have done research, looking for comments.


1] Lodging- Think I want to stay with the Starwood Hotel group. Being a gold member might get me an upgrade. After visiting the site, think the Westin-NY offers the best deal. Three nights for $598 plus taxes. My primary reason for visiting is the theatre. The Sheraton's on 7th are $200/night. But am led to believe that the Westin is a newer property. Can appreciate heritage, but don't want it on holiday. What say you?


2] Theatre- Near impossible to get a NY Times in Sydney. Would like to see a show each night. BUT want to be entertained, not challenged. Thinking Hairspray. Have seen all the Webber shows as well as Mamma Mia, Producers, etc. Want to laugh or enjoy a good mystery. The Mousetrap in London was great. So what do you recommend? Can I go on-line and see what is available? Order tickets? And not get ripped off.


3] The lads- Looking for a cut big dick that I can sit on. Tatt and piercing free a big bonus. Thinking Eric and Jax Thorne.


Thanking you for your help. Cheers! Richard.

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If you pick a Sheraton choose the "Sheraton Towers" at 7th and 53rd. It was recently renovated... much better than the "Sheraton Manhattan" which is more or less across the street... Also has a good health club facility, which is something that may or may not be important to you. If you can get an upgrade to a club level room they offer a great breakfast and evening horsd'euvres in their club level lounge. (I'm sure the Westin offers something similar.) This is the upper end of the theatre district. The Westin is at the lower end. I have not stayed there... I guess the location is six of one half-dozen of the other... depending on which shows you will be seeing.


As for the other recommendations I'll defer to others...

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I love living in New York and hope you have a great visit.


Try going to http://www.theatermania.com and registering. They offer

discounts for many shows and you can buy tickets over

the net.


You're given a code which guarantees a reduced price...this is one of

those "best kept secrets" things. Many of the most popular shows

don't discount.


I think you'd enjoy "Avenue Q" (no discounts) and the buzz on

"Jersey Boys" is great. It opens next month and is basically

a "Mamma Mia" using the music of Franki Valli and The Four Seasons.

(currently discounting)


You can also visit the chat section of talkin'broadway.com for

buzz on shows.


Haven't seen "Wicked" but it sounds like your cup o' tea.

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>2] Theatre- Near impossible to get a NY Times in Sydney. Would

>like to see a show each night. BUT want to be entertained, not



Go see Rosie O'Donnell in Fiddler on the Roof, Brooke Shields in Chicago and Graham Norton's one-man-show. Those are three I'd love to see and all have major camp & fun factor. :7

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1. G Lounge (newly renovated) for drinks.


2. The Gansevort Hotel Roof Bar for cocktails. One of the hottest ($17 per drink though) spots in the Meatpacking District. Try Pastis for eats accross the street.


3. http://www.broadway.com is a good source for info and tickets, as well as hotel/theatre packages. Hairspray was great (not sure of the new cast) and Wicked was great as well. Try the half price ticket booth on the day of the show for other productions. You won't be offered the hottest tickets at the booth, so book them in advance.


4. The Sheraton is fine, but don't expect much. You also don't have to restrict yourself to the Theatre District, you can get there with ease.


5. http://www.babbonyc.com book well in advance.




"What on earth gave you the idea that I want to hear the story of your life?Save it for someone who cares -- if you can find such a person." All rights to Woodlawn

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>>2. One of the

>>hottest ($17 per drink though) spots in the Meatpacking



>And just think...a few short years ago, free blow jobs at the

>same location. :-(


Ridiculous, isn't it? I recently came back to the city from SF, and I took a couple of friends there. Gave my credit card to the unfriendly bartender and opened a tab. Never again. $300 for drinks?? That would get me almost an hour with you ... lol



"What on earth gave you the idea that I want to hear the story of your life?Save it for someone who cares -- if you can find such a person." All rights to Woodlawn:

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You are correct, the Westin Times Square is much newer than either of the Sheratons and is probably the best choice on Starwood. Its on 43rd at 8th Ave. As noted above the Sheraton New York is far superior to the SHeraton Manhattan. They are directly across 7th ave from each other at about 51st so the location is great. If you are visiting soon be prepared for the hotels to be full so upgrades can be chancey.

As far as shows



Lion King

both are very difficult tickets particularly on weekends


Avenue Q

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The Producers

Spamalot(but the only source is returns or scalpers)


Woman in White is starting previews in 2 weeks and opens early in Nov. Since it has been running for a year in London and the 2 leads are coming over from London really wouldn't expect much tinkering going on

As noted above Jersey Boys

I just got back from a NYC play weekend where I resaw Lion King Avenue Q and Movin Out(closing about Dec14) and 25th Annual...

Movin Out(Mamma Mia meets Contact) if you like dance and Billy Joel would also be on my recommended list - and discounted tickets are very readily available as noted above for every performance except Sat night.

http://www.playbill.com has a listing of all current and soon to open shows on their website, and links to the discount numbers if you join which I think is free. They usually also link to the ticket site which is either Telecharge or Ticketmaster depending on which show you want. I usually buy tickets over the web and have had no problems. There is a discounted TCKTS booth right in the center of Times Square were discounted tickets are availabe day of- so if you don't mind taking pot luck you can see what is available. Whats available varies on a daily basis, but except for the major hits most shows that are a couple of years old will have some availability

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>And for your other entertainment request you can`t go wrong

>with Eric


Yes, Eric's loads of fun (I know from personal experience) but can he tap dance and hum the theme from Hawaii 5-0 while blowing you and fucking you...all at the same time? (I can, although I never get asked to perform the feat) :p

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G'day, Lads!


Thank you very much to all of you for your time and contributions.

I have booked the Westin in Times Squares. Three nights for the price of two, but at $300/nite. Works out to $600. Most of the other places were @ $200 per nite so works out the same. At least this is a new hotel and not closets for rooms.


Thinking Spamalot, Hairspray and Jersey Boys. Wicked in reserve.


DEfinitely giving Eric and Jax a "go".


Thanks, Mates. Cheers!

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G'day, lads!


An update. Have the booking at Westin/Times Square.


Tickets for Spamalot/Hairspray/Jersey Boys/ and the Rockefeller Christmas show[11am] So I still have the 2pm show for something [Christmas Eve] and it looks like only the "Woman in White" is showing Christmas Eve night. What say you?


What is the taxi fare from JFK or LGA to Times Square?


As far as the lads go, How do you cope? No response from Jax nor Dino. Eric won't be in NYC while I am there, but funny enough he will be in Sydney for three months starting January. There goes the apartment. :-]. At least he answered.


But is it natural for NY escorss to be so dismissive or did I choose wrong?


Hope this finds you well. Cheers! Richard.

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Richard, I think you may find that many esorts, especially those that travel a lot, do not seem to like to commit to an appointment time so far in advance. Actually, I did not have any luck initially contacting Jax by e-mail either, but when I arrived in New York, I telephoned him and found it very easy to set up an appointment at quite short notice. Maybe I was just lucky, but I suggest you try this, as Jax is sensational!


Have a great time in NYC and tell us all about it.



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Swallow... CityGuy has it totally correct. Most of the Guys don't like to setup waay in advance. I also think if you stating where you are Traveling from, any great distance also could, have more of a "Call Me" when you have arrived response.


I guess the ERIC-Kristian Road Tour we never got an answer on from ERIC, has now been answered also! LOL :+

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Guest Jesse Dane

>Girls!! maybe he might like to see a gay themed play? Is

>anything out there? Friends of mine saw Naked Boys Singing a

>few years back and loved it.


Naked Boys Singing was cute when it was back in the West Village with a primarily gay audience. Now with it's new midtown location it has become 90% bachelorette party type audience from all the reviews I have read and lost about 90% of it's charm.


I just saw altar boys last night which was very cute! I would highly reccomend it.

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