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Well this is something new than me trying to find some

fun in different cities. I've been seeing an escort

that travels to my part of the world (upstate NY)

for awhile. Last night after he left I notice he

left in the bathroom his little overnight bag. So

I called him, since he's a bit away from where I am

and told him that I'd express back on Monday. I

went to reach for the little bag and all of the

things inside came out including a prescription for

Valtrex. Had no idea what this was but did a google

and found out it was for genital herpes. Now, what

do I do? I didn't mean to spill the contents just

send it back. I've seen the person for awhile and

know that he's not actively escorting and had a

partner but they split up. We did have oral

and I'm a bit ill informed so I'm not sure if I

should be doing something..advice please?? Rocky

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>I'm not sure if I

>should be doing something..advice please?


You should ship the bag back to him as quickly as possible. It takes time to get a toothbrush properly broken in!

You should continue to live your life.

You should have your normal STD screenings which you've been getting at regular intervals. (You have, haven't you?)


You could also go running through the streets, screaming. But that wouldn't be a very productive use of your time.

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Most estimates are that about 20% of American adults have genital herpes. Obviously I don't know how many sexual partners you have had, but I think it's safe to say that with a one in five chance, most of us have slept with someone infected with herpes. I wouldn't freak out, but obviously if you develop any symptoms you should see your physician.


In short, I agree with Deej.

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I would assume the worst and hope for the best. I currently keep high doses of Valtrex with me at all times. I have terrible cold sores pop up at the oddest times. I have had them since I was a small child. Valtrex it the only thing that works for me. I have NEVER HAD AN STD AND HAVE ALWAYS PLAYED SAFE!!!!

I have cancelled seeing friends or escorts due to my condition if I even feel one coming on I start the medication and cancel all activities.

Never assume, FIND OUT!!!



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The flipside is maybe he is taking Valtrex to control viral shedding. Have you seen those commercials? They say if you take one a day it brings the chances of infecting a partner down to a very small percentage. I think that a lot of people don't realize that one can aquire herpes even when someone doesn't have an outbreak. At least he's taking steps to prevent that.


You should probably ask him about it, but if you want honest answers, I wouldn't be too confrontational. I agree with the current consensus. Don't freak out.

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From what I understand something like 60% of the population has some sort of Herpes virus in their system.I once had an attack of Bell's Palsey-scared the crap out of me as I was totally unfamilliar with this ailment.I thought I had had a stroke!Anyway,back then there was no real cure for this except time.This is always in my system lying dormant,and I keep it at bay by regular ingestion of zinc-no more flare ups thank goodness as 2nd time around is supposed to be worse than the first.

Had cold sores?Guess what-most likely a herpes virus.

Now is genital herpes a picnin in the parK?Of course not.But far more common then you would expect.

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>From what I understand something like 60% of the population

>has some sort of Herpes virus in their system.


Actually, that number is very close to 100% if you include HSV-1. In my medical school class, all 140 of us had antibodies to HSV-1. In my entire career, I've never seen a negative test for HSV-1 in an adult (not that I check my patients out, but some of my colleagues do, for some reason not clear to me). I've also never seen an adult without antibodies to EBV. I personally had some cold sores for a week shortly after I turned 19 (I had come out several months earlier). I have never had another outbreak (either orally or genitally). I've always wondered whether having antibodies to HSV-1 provided protection from HSV-2, which usually results in genital herpes. Given the hundreds of men I've slept with, it's rather surprising in some sense that I've never had an outbreak of genital herpes (especially since probably a good 100 of those men were escorts).

I wouldn't go all paranoid with the guy who was on Valtrex. You've probably had sex with many guys with herpes. Better that he be on Valtrex than not (although, of course, being on Valtrex doesn't mean you can't pass on the virus).

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