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A Dating Service and a good laugh


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Remember back before the internet, about the time the crust of the earth was cooling? I remember joining Comquest Matching Services, a dating service ("We are not selective, so that you can be!"). I thought I'd share a funny moment with them


I filled out a questionnaire to get 5 matches but only got 2. So my application was looked over (by the computer; this is all modern, you understand) and told me where I had excluded too many potential matches.



Vetoed common trait - (All items in this category are common traits)"


The ones I vetoed were Popular concerts (which means rock music to me), Spectator sports events (means football, baseball and the like), Party-going (back then the only parties I knew about meant drugs and drinking) and Dancing/Clubs (more drugs/drinking plus sore eardrums). I could see adding back the party-going since I've been to some nice potlucks, but I'm just not the kinda guy for the other stuff for the most part. Hmm.



More than 4 Me's circled in this category. (Select 3 or 4 most appropriate)."


Which sounds like to me "try not to have too much personality," which would have left people like Clara Bow and Jim Carrey out in the cold, huh?



Veto'd common ages. (70% of our members are age 25-49)"


I'd said no to anyone over 35 and I was 26 at the time.



Veto'd common trait - Between 5'9" and 6' (Excludes 50% of our members.)"


I guess I understand this one. I'm 5'5" and thought that I'd be better matched with someone closer to my height, but forgot that average height for men is 5'9".


The next ones are my favorites.



Veto'd common trait - Mustache (Excludes 35% of our members.)"


If yuh wanna date gay men, yuh gotta take a cookie duster, huh? Cheez, this was after the 70's fer gawd's sake! I guess enough of them were still around that it was still a common trait.



You veto'd your own race. (OK as is but usually difficult to match)"


When I told this one to my mom she said "Good for you."

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