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whipped guy

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In just the past few days there have been accusations of bogus reviews from “first time posters”. I hesitate to name the escorts involved, as I don’t think they deserve any more publicity than they have already received. Suffice it to say, from my knowledge of one of the escorts I certainly question the veracity of a number of his reviews… for the others it just seems like plain “common sense” that they are indeed not authentic.


Now I consider this site to be a dichotomy. On one hand, it exists for our amusement and gratification so we should not take things all that seriously. On the other hand, the “amusement” we crave involves big bucks. Consequently,half of me hesitates to make a “federal case” about such a seemingly insignificant matter. Meanwhile, the other half of me gets outraged when I see swindlers, con artists, and frauds getting away with such deceit and deception.


We all have to use our best judgment when scheduling "activities" with escorts. The more knowledge acquired the better and the more research done the better. However, some of us don’t always think with our brain when getting involved with this type of "activity". In other words, those who are most vulnerable in this regard need all the help they can get in making a rational decision regarding whether or not to hire a given individual. Accordingly, I am curious if others have any suggestions or insight into the methodology used in deciding which reviews to publish. As for myself, I feel that as a starting point simple common sense should rule the day… Or should they all be published and it is then our responsibility to sort out the chaff from the wheat?

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i have found the "bogus" reviews helpful. if the escort wrote them and the review says he kisses deeply, gives a good rim job, sucks like a hoover vac cleaner, is a "power bottom" and flip flops to boot, that information means that he probabally does those things. certainly, that is more information than given on most of the rent-a-boy sites.


one escort i hired told me he wrote his first review as a way to get attention on this site. well, he did everything the review said (and more). it turned out to be a correct picture of what i got. so long as the "reviewer" is not misleading as to the talents of the escort then i do not mind it too much.


i tend to look for well known reviewers like KY TOP as i know i can trust what i read.

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" tend to look for well known reviewers like KY TOP as i know i can trust what i read"


I respect KYTop also, but really, even the multi-reviewers are only reviewing their "personal" experiences with an escort, which does not mean that their experience, will, in turn, be your experience with the reviewed escort!


Different clients will and have had different experiences with an escort that has been well-reviewed by a mulitple reviewer such as KYT! No names, but one of the escorts that KYTop reviewed effusively on this site, was the worst escort experience that I have ever encountered! Not that KYTop wasn't honest in his review, just that all reviews have to be taken in stride as the reviewer's very "personal" experience! And a review by a mulitple reviewer such as KYT, does not hold any more weight, at least imo, than a first review by a less active reviewer.


A good review by an established reviewer, just like any other review, needs to be taken as just that, that client's own experience with the escort!, especially with an escort who only has a few reviews posted!


I'm glad that I'm not the type that will refuse to hire an escort unless he has glowing reviews by multiple reviewers on this site! To quote Captain Kirk "to go where no man has gone before"!

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This is a topic that comes up every year or so. There is no good answer. Unfortunately, it's the internet and there are many ways to spoof the system.


The two schools of thought that come up every time are exactly as you outlined: 1) ruthlessly prune the obviously bogus or 2) publish everything and let the reader decide.


I, personally, tend to side with #2 for several reasons. First of all, if an escort is publishing bogus reviews of himself it should be obvious enough from the reading and the fact he's doing it is of importance to me when making a hiring decision. If the bogus reviews are edited out, I'm deprived of that insight into the escort's character.


Hooboy used to require phone numbers for new reviewers (I don't know if this is still done) and this caused many escorts to lose reviews because nervous clients wouldn't give up a phone number.


WE don't know how good the verification process is. We never can and never will. We don't know if the decisions made would be the same ones we'd make. And we can't guess at a confidence level because we wouldn't have the data needed to make that decision if pruning was going on.


I'd rather see them all and read between the lines.

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>I'd rather see them all and read between the lines.


By all means. The whole fake review epidemic is simply laughable. Any escort that goes out of their way to print more fake reviews than valid or real ones is GOING to caught at some point.


First time reviewers happen a lot because escorts tell clients about the site or ASK them to write a review. It happens. I think the ONLY reviews that should be so scrutinized are when they're THAT OBVIOUSLY a fake. Certain things just kind of stand out I guess, no specific examples.


I'd assume instincts in this community are pretty damned good by now.

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Well, this website with reviews about escorts is better than nothing. I am grateful Hooboy started it and others are keeping it going, still for free! I think overall it benefits both the consumer/client and the seller/esort. Yes, all reviews have to a be a first time review to start with and it's up to the reader to decide if it legit or not. I guess you have to take the good with the bad and use your own judgement. I find both the newest reviews and the archived reviews helpful to navigate which escorts appear to have good enough reviews to take a chance and feel comfortable with hiring. I have never been steered wrong with any that have been well reviewed here.

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VaHawk..I totally agree. Bogus Reviews(NO Names of course) are obvious to a certain extent.They usually border on "Hysterical Porno"! Then again we are not all the very Gay "Willie Shakespeare" are we, when it comes to writing a Fan Letter! LOL


BUT there are also well meaning guys who Review, Positively because THEY had a Positive Experience. They found what THEY liked in the guy's Performance. WE all do start out as a "First Time" Reviewer, whether what we say is Informative in Decision making or not..


Selling the Guy doesn't cut it, BUT Explaining the Guys Interaction will!


All Experiences between a "Working Guy" and who he hooks up with are different. There's Chemistry and then there is Chemistry.


I just sent in a Review, based on an "OverNite Experience" for a Guy who has had nothing but "Great Reviews"! But this was about my Experience with him, Good and not so Good, as an "Overnite" Guy with ME. I know he Travels alot, does many Overniter's, brings alot of Smiles to Client's Faces etc. But I am sure his Clients will think, this one has to be kidding in what he consider's bothersome! LOL :+

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Random thoughts


When I first looked at this post, I was able to identify five different things that are important to me. Running all the logical combinations would have created 64 different categories which would be tedious to write up and comment on.


So I boiled it down to two issues. First, are we talking about a new escort or an established escort (which I arbitrarily defined as having three or more reviews). Second, are we talking about a new reviewer or an established reviewer? (again arbitrarily defined as a reviewer with three or more reviews.)


[li]New Escort/New Reviewer[br]

If it's a positive review, I'd certainly take it with a grain of salt. But how do you prove that it is legitimate? As someone pointed out earlier, everyone is a first time reviewer at one point or another. Its seems to me that a first time reviewer that found a brand new stud would be more inclined to write about it because they would be the first.[br]

If it's a neutral or negative review, I would have more doubt. Why did the reviewer bother? I would have to question the reviewers veracity because of the potential for character assassination.[/li]

[li]Established Escort/New Reviewer[br]

If it's a positive review, we have a track record to judge against. I would expect over a period of time to see reviewers with different styles, levels of writing skill, and track history.[br]

I would take a sea of glowing reviews that consisted entirely of first time reviewers as a warning flag.[br]

If it's a neutral review, I would tend to believe it. It is an exceptional and rare Escort that can please "All the people, all the time." If they were able to induce a reviewer to say: "He was Ok, just not for me"; that has a certain amount of validity that I find compelling.[br]

If it's a negative review, again the potential for character assassination exists. However an established Escort knows that he has the final word. I would look at the Escorts response and judge it against the corpus of his reviews.[br]

[li]New Escort/Established Reviewer[br]

I would tend to trust this combination. While there is a potential that the reviewer was established simply to spoof the system for either positive or negative reviews. I would suspect the occurrence would be low because the need to maintain such a fiction over time.[/li][br]

[li]Established Escort/Established Reviewer[br]

This for me is the optimal combination. I have ample track history on both sides of the fence. I can judge the merits of both the Escort and the Reviewer and decide if the align with what I'm looking for.[/li]


I agree that we all have to use "Our best judgment" when selecting Escorts. The more information I have, the more probable that I'll be able to select that perfect Escort. So I'd be opposed to artificially limiting reviews that are submitted just because they are from New Reviewers, or are about New Escorts. Over time the escort will show themselves to be worth the effort or not.


If anything, I'd like to see more information not less. Certainly an Icon on the first line representing Positive, Negative, or Neutral would allow me to focus on those reviews that were germane to my inquiry.


An Icon that showed "All first time reviewers" might also be another method to reduce the occurance but would still be spoofable. How about a generic Icon that indicates a probationary period for either the escort or reviewer?


Likewise an icon next to the reviewer would be useful. A simple "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", or "Many" is probably overkill but does match the current system in place.


Hooboy at one time had an icon that indicated "Trusted Reviewer" but discarded it, I assume because of some problem. But what if it was simply a graphical representation of information that we already know?


I find the system that Hooboy adopted of linking previous reviews to be tedious, and can certainly understand why it's currently not being done. But from my point of view an index page for the Reviewer which would allow me to see all of their reviews would be a good addition to the site.


Thank-you for Playing


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>one escort i hired told me he wrote his first review as a way

>to get attention on this site.


I've had several Escorts tell me the same thing. It was the only way they knew to get on the site. A good review is big time FREE advertisement.


>i tend to look for well known reviewers like KY TOP as i know

>i can trust what i read.


Thnaks, but every reviewer was a first timer once. My first review was Tony Cummings. I think if your first review is someone with multiple reviews it helps with credibility when you start.

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>Different clients will and have had different experiences with

>an escort that has been well-reviewed by a mulitple reviewer

>such as KYT! No names, but one of the escorts that KYTop

>reviewed effusively on this site, was the worst escort

>experience that I have ever encountered! Not that KYTop

>wasn't honest in his review, just that all reviews have to be

>taken in stride as the reviewer's very "personal" experience!


I've had more than one M4M'er relay to me they did not have as good a time with an escort as I did. One was an Escort in Montreal that an M4M'er saw when the Escort traveled to NYC. If the M4M'er had of written a review I understand it would have been negative. I did an overnight with the same escort after that and again had a great time. At the same time there was at least one, that I saw based on an established reviewer, and that escort ended up being in the bottom 5 of escorts I've ever met.


So yes, a good review by a first timer or established Reviewer does not guarantee a good time. But I do think that an Escort with good reviews from established reviewers is more likely to turn into a good experience.

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