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Are You Ready For Some Football?


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Not a peep about the new NFL season noted here. Do't gay people like football... come on all these big muscular guys in tight pants hehe.


It would be difficult to create a HB football pool. Though it might be fun to take each Monday night game and pick our winners. Then we can see who came out on top at the end of the season. I chose Monday night as everbody has an opportunity to watch the same game. Plus this Monday there are actually two games.


I have no idea if this will receive any interest or not but I'll go first. Just add your vote for each game to the thread and maybe why you feel your team will win. Note: to keep it simple I'm leaving out the betting line. So the team selected will need to win outright.


NY Giants 1-0 (Road: 0-0) 7:30pm ET


New Orleans 1-0 (Home: 0-0) ABC


Washington 1-0 (Road: 0-0) 9:00pm ET


Dallas 1-0 (Home: 0-0) ABC


I'm picking New Orleans in the first game. They're on an emotional high. Also, their addition to this never before Monday night double header is to raise funds for victims of Katrina.


In the second game Dallas will win. The Cowboys have one 14 of the last 15 meetings between these two teams. Plus Dallas looked pretty solid against San Diego last week.

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I'd have to agree with you on both of those picks. New Orleans is playing this season for a cause while the Giants are mediocre.


Dallas may be as few as one season away from regaining its previous glory.


I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Carolina to beat New England.

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I am a football fan.


I like both college and professional football.


I am an Oakland Raiders fan. I have been an

Oaklnad Raiders fan since the 1970 season when

I was a six-year old kid when that season's

playoffs occurred. My first favorite player

was Daryle Lamonica. Now that I have reached

forty years-old, I appreciate the great performance

that George Blanda gave that season.

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Now, someone with the screen name of LoneStar, is surprisingly picking the Dallas Cowboys????? ;)


I'm a diehard Redskins fan, but I'll have to second your opinion and go with Dallas.


However, I'll pick the Giants over the Saints (now don't even get me started about how fair it is that the Giants have 9 home games this year, with the NFL's decision to make the Saints play a "home" game in the Meadowlands!).


Anyway, it is good to see a football/any sports post on this site. Shades of the much missed Huey! I hope your posting generates some more sports postings!

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RE: Oakland Fan


No disrespect but I absoultely despise the Raiders. And big surprise, my favorite AFC team is the KC Chiefs. :)


Now Darryl was great, but I don't think he won a SuperBowl. How about Ken "the snake" Stabler and the often overlooked, way underappreciated Jim Plunkett? Didn't those two quarterbacks give the Raiders some of their best moments, including wins in the Super Bowl?


I bet you just loved that AFC title game where Franco Harris scooped a pass off the ground from Terry Bradshaw, to score the winning touchdown, in the closing minute! Must have really hurt, as a Raiders fan. Not making fun, just commiserating, as the fans of all teams have felt those kind of moments.

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The Raiders were my team as a kid too despite growing up in the deep south. For my sixth birthday, I received on of those electronic football games that would vibrate the little plastic players up and down the field.


Lamonica was on the box and it came with a poster of him. Despite the fact that we couldn't Raiders games where I lived, I was sold and followed them weekly vis the Monday morning newspaper.


The Raiders sealed the deal for me when Jack Tatum took out Darryl Stingley. That was the kind of violence that really appealed to a young kid.


The Raiders were bad asses. They had swagger. As a cocky kid, I liked that.


Tatum became the model that would cause me to throw lots of cheap shots on the field through high school when I played my last organized football game.

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If you are a rabid fan of the Raiders, you might enjoy

the following link: http://www.silverandblackattack.com/history/history.htm .

If I ever knew it, I had forgotten that the Raiders were

originally called the Senors, but before they ever played

their first game in 1960, the name was changed to Raiders

(thank goodness). I never knew that supposedly the man

depicted on the Raiders shield is a sketch on an old Western

movie actor named Randolph Scott. The only time I had ever

heard that name was when Fred Sanford mentioned it in an

episode of Sanford & Son, my all-time favorite television



I had an electric football game also, but can remember nothing

about the box in which it came. That is interesting that

Lamonica was on the box and that the box contained a poster of him.


Daryle's Raider teams from 1967 to 1969 had an incredible regular season record of 37-4-1 during the regular season. That is the best three-year record of any professional football team to the best of my knowledge.

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RE: Oakland Fan


>>I bet you just loved that AFC title game where Franco Harris

>scooped a pass off the ground from Terry Bradshaw, to score

>the winning touchdown, in the closing minute! "


Loved It! Go Steelers! I think the Giants and Cowboys will win. But as a Steeler fan from the 70's, it still hurts to even pick the Cowboys.



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Electric Football Game


I think I received my electric football game as a

Christmas present. I guess that is why I don't remember

anything about the box in which it came. It was probably

just waiting for me under the tree out of the box.


I never figured out how to use that game. Was it the most

useless game ever invented?

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GODDAMN! It sure feels GOOD to be so WRONG! tonight! Go Skins!!!!!!!!


DAMN! so MANY years of frustration ended tonight, with the Redskins beating the Cowboys in Texas Stadium! WHOOOOOOHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Jesus KNOWS that this game will go down in history, right along with so many other COWBOYS/REDSKINS games!


Forgive my effusiveness, BUT GODDAMN!!!!!!!! GO SKINS

!!!!!!!!! :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7


Three more wins in the remaining 14 games, and ONCE AGAIN, Sports Illustrated will PROVE what IDIOTS their "expert" prognistactors are!

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I'm in HEAVEN tonight, dude! I LOVE my Redskins!, and I was SURE I'd be once again "making excuses"! But, DAMN!!!!!!!, they won the BIG one! in DALLAS! AGAINST ALL odds, after being down 13-0 with 1/2 quarter to go in the 4th quarter!!!!!!! I LOVE spoiling their "special ring of fame" night! Lord KNOWS they have spoiled the dreams of many of us Redskins fans!

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>The Bengals are 3-0, unbelievable. I'm usually a College

>Football fan but couldn't help but note the Bengals. 3-0, who

>would have thunk it.


Carson Palmer is a fantastic QB for the Bengals and it's showing and there is no doubt about that what so ever. I too enjoy watching NCAA football. Carson Palmer's success goes back to the days when he was the starting QB for USC, especially when Coach Pete Carroll took over their fledgling program and really turned it around. Offcourse quite a bit of credit should go to Norm Chow for making Carson Palmer that much more better and focused. Hopefully Carson may one day end up in the same league as a former NFL player like Troy Aikman and in the twilight of his career, Brett Favre.


Speaking of USC, look who replaced Carson Palmer as QB, none other than Matt Leinhert, he opted not to go to the NFL for a guaranteed $40 million and opted to stay one more year under Coach Carroll. This already two time Heisman trophy winner is better seasoning himself in preparation for the NFL draft next year. There is no doubt in my mind that not since Carson Palmer entered the NFl has there been so much buzz about a potential player and in this case it's Matt Leinhert.


On a side note, cross town rivals UCLA and USC will be facing eachother on Dec 3 at the Rose Bowl in California. I hope UCLA puts up a good fight just as they did last year. Just like the trojans, so far the Bruins are 3-0 and they are a much stronger team than they were twelve months ago. They have a bit more confidence and thanks in part to Coach Karl Dorrell and Tom Cable. Since this is Drew Olsen's last year with UCLA as QB, he's proving he's made of sterner stuff. I think if UCLA continues on their winning streak. It'll make the cross town rivalry that much more sweeter. I cant wait to see both Reggie Bush and Maurice Drew perform for their respective teams.



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