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Hurricane relief for GLBT people

Guest ReturnOfS

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Guest ReturnOfS

Does anyone know of any organizations that target the specific needs of GLBT people affected by Katirna? I've given to the Red Cross and other organizations for hurricane relief so far, but I want to give to GLBT specific relief as.

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The Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Houston and various other Houston gay organizations have been doing the most, as many New Orleans gays evacuated there. The New Orleans GLBT Community Center is in "exile" in Houston, too, and certainly could use help so they can begin picking up the pieces and assist people in getting re-established when people can go back to New Orleans. News articles at http://www.365gay.com mention various groups that are assisting in the effort.

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If you want to target glbt people without necessarily targeting Houston, one place you could give would be to MCC (Metropolitan Community Church). Go to their web site ( http://www.mcc.org ?), go to the donations page and click that you want your contribution to go to "disaster relief."



The following is excerpts from the minutes of a meeting of various organizations in the Houston gay community about how we can meet the special needs of our displaced community.








2. Montrose Clinic – http://www.montroseclinic.org/ 713-830-3047 (hurricane line)

- Accommodating displaced persons who are HIV+

- Requirements for service are proof of HIV status and if needed, can be obtained by a free rapid test

- Once approved, will be provided with 7-10 days of meds

- In approximately 1 week, they will have more information about government funding for long-term medication needs

- They are offering general medical care for everyone

- Frost Eye Clinic services can be obtained via Montrose Clinic

- Donations can be made at their website

- NOLA’s AIDS Task Force director is here and has been offered phone/computer/space to try and help their current patients and will probably be operating out of the Montrose Clinic for some time


3. Montrose Counseling Center – [email protected]

- Parent of the Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Houston 713-529-3211 and it will be open for calls all weekend

- This counseling center focuses on the HIV+ and GLBT community

- The switchboard has a database with information to meet almost any need. Most critical is to try and get GLBT displaced persons OUT of the shelters and into a safe environment. The switchboard has set-up a “Safe Home Program” that will screen displaced persons and place them with GLBT Houstonians who have offered space in their homes. Also have resources for food, gas, and clothing vouchers.

- Switchboard will help place volunteers

- Switchboard serves as a clearinghouse for almost any category (shelter, food, pets, etc.) If a person has a huge need for laundry service, call the switchboard for assistance

- HIV+ persons are eligible for the centers HIV+ programs

- Volunteers are coming in from other states

- Many groups nationwide are raising money for GLBT use only items (food, clothing, hygiene, etc.)

- blogs and list-servs have been set-up to try and help find other displaced GLBT persons


4. Bering Memorial [i think they're Methodist.]


1440 Harold St.

Houston, TX 77006

- Food, clothing, hygiene products drive and have indicated that GLBT persons will get 1st priority


5. GLBT Community Center –

3400 Montrose, Ste. 207;



- Serving as a point of information in the community (in conjunction with other organizations)

- They keep a list of resources that is continually being updated.

- Provides low-cost or free meeting space and will try and be accessible to the “Rainbow Cross” for meeting space

- Accepting donations specifically for the NOLA GLBT center, via paypal, for the duration

- Have been working on a community job bank for GLBT employers to post available jobs, under current circumstances, they are trying to expedite this job bank


9. Colt 45’s


- Going to disburse Katrina Relief funds through the Til Thacker fund

- They will be a catch-all of last resort and will set-up applications for referrals and coordinate them similar to the protocol for the AIDS Troublefund

- They will help disburse funds for medication, no insurance, or co-pay assistance



13. Houston Gay and Lesbian Parents – http://www.hglp.org/

- Working to match up families with a place to stay


14. Krewe of Olympus – http://www.mardigrastexas.com/, [email protected]

- Have 60 members ready to volunteer

- Clothing and food drives to be organized


23. AIDS Foundation Houston –

3202 Weslayan

- Will be open on Saturday from 8a - 5p to register people living with HIV/AIDS who have been displaced due to hurricane Katrina. We will be able to either provide directly housing or be able to refer to other CBOs which we work with. In addition to this, these individuals will be able to access support services as well - food, clothing, transportation from AFH. We will be working directly with the folks in the dome to identify poz persons there as well as anyone who presents themselves at AFH for services.




25. The Assistance Fund

1116 Jackson Blvd

Houston, TX 77006


http: theassistancefund.org




___ Somehow it didn't get mentioned in this minutes, but I know that Resurrection MCC, where Maverick and I go to church has been having a run on their food pantry. I think we're doing more, but I'm not sure what.

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