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Situation Comedy


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Did anyone watch the series "Situation Comedy"? Once again, I find myself questioning how much reality can be found in the "reality shows".


Through the whole show, I was a fan of "Stephen's Life". Was not a fan of "The Sperm Donor".


The show went through the whole process of writing, casting, producing and filming the pilot episode of each show ... and through it all I remained a fan of "Stephen's Life".


The second to last show they allow the public to participate in an online poll to choose the winner. I, of course, voted for "Stephen's Life".


On the last episode, where they will announce the winning sitcom, they show the pilot episodes.


I watched "Stephen's Life" and was amazed at how it came out. It seemed a sitcom more suited to Nickelodeon than one of the big networks. And I was more amazed at how much I enjoyed the pilot episode of "The Sperm Donor".


Looking back, I once again realize how much of the "editing" plays a part in these "reality" shows. As far as Situation Comedy is concerned, I wish they had showed the pilot episodes BEFORE they had America vote for the winner.

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