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Gay Cinema


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So about a month ago I get a movie from Netflix called the 24th day. Pretty good movie. Lot's of tension and suspense, starring a real masculine guy named Scott Speedman. Bear with me now, I never saw Felicity. Anyway, thought this kid was hot.


So today I am looking at a DVD I just bought called XXX The State Of The Union. Hey, I liked the first one with Vin Diesel, so figured I would like this one even tho:

Vin Diesel wasn't in it...something about a poor script which usually means they didn't offer enough money.


Hot men, blowing up hot cars and firing guns. What's not to like?


Well, guess what? One of the co-stars is none other than Scott Speedman. Shorter haircut, looking all government agent and everything, but still, he's a mouthful. I'm gonna post some pics of him here in a bit. But I also wanted to say Samuel L. Jackson, Ice Cube and xzibit all give pretty good performances (the last two being great chunks of beef.


OK, so I didn't have much to do today. This movie is not Schindler's List or Citizen Kane. In fact, I think it tanked at the box office.

But for shirtless men in peril, I enjoyed it.










Scott speedman









Ice cube



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I liked Fighting Tommy Riley more than Harry & Max (incest kind of creeps me out). If you don't mind subtitles in foreign films, I'd recommend 'Napola' (German) and 'In Extremis' (French).


Napola would be my number 1 pick of all 4, with FTR a close 2nd. To each their own though...

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It seems like since "Felicity" Speedman just isn't getting the Right Projects to work with. The same with Marsden who has been working steadily for a Long time now. Both Great Eye Candy but the "X" Factor just isn't there. They can't seem to get beyond the Young Guy with a lot of "ANGST" Syndrome. Unfortunately there is only one Johnny Depp! At least at this point in time. :+

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