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17 y.o. Future Homemaker


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While going through an old Esquire magazine, I found an article about Thomas Lucas, the first male president of the youth organization Future Homemakers of America (now called FCCLA, Family Career and Community Leaders of America). Now, keep in mind he was 17 at the time, so this seems like a pretty radical thing for a 17-year old in 1987, living in West Virginia.


I was not the sports 'n drinking type in high school in Ohio, more the homey-type, but I still would have been scared witless about joining an organization like this.


It would be interesting to find out what happened to him since he'd be about 34-35 now. A cursory Google and Alta Vista search came up with little beyond this http://www.fathersworld.com/fulltimedad/chrisarchives/03apre.html.

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