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Upcoming book likely to be popular here...

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Guest bighugbearphx

The Sluts

by Dennis Cooper


ISBN13/EAN 978-0786-71674-6

Trade Paperback, 304pp


Carroll & Graf



Set largely on the pages of a website where gay male escorts are reviewed by their clients, and told through the postings, emails, and conversations of several dozen unreliable narrators, The Sluts chronicles the evolution of one young escort's date with a satisfied client into a metafiction of pornography, lies, half-truths, and myth. Explicit, shocking, comical, and displaying the author's signature flair for blending structural complexity with direct, stylish, accessible language, The Sluts is Cooper's most transgressive novel since Frisk, and one of his most innovative works of fiction to date.


(Publisher's price $14.95. Amazon currently has it listed for preorder at $10.17)

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I hope he's paying Devon a percentage, since he presumably had no fucking idea about this site or this phenomena before Devon pointed him here. Got to hand it to the guy, however, a short, out of nowhere, meeting with a cyber-oriented escort and Dennis turns it into what I hope is a well-done story.


I appreciate Cooper, his sentences vibrate, but I don't particularly like his work because normally I can't relate at all to his characters. This I'll prbably like. Looking forward to it.





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Here's a book excerpt; I wonder where he found format inspiration?


"Review #3

Escort's name: Brad

Location: Long Beach

Age: 18?

Month and year of date: July 2001

Where did you find him: on this site

Rates: not applicable

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Facial hair: no

Body hair: no

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Dick size: don't know

Cut or uncut: don't know

Thickness: don't know

Does he smoke? yes

Top, bottom, versatile? don't know

Rating: not applicable

Hire again: not applicable

Handle: JoseR72

Submissions: This is my seventeenth review






Call me a caretaker if you want, but after reading Brad’s reviews, I couldn’t help but feel concerned about this troubled young man, and angered by the callousness with which the previous reviewers have treated him. I work in the mental heath industry in Orange County, not far from Long Beach. I made an appointment with Brad in order to encourage him to seek treatment, although he didn’t know my intentions until we met.


Regular visitors to this site know that I’m not against hiring escorts. I will even admit that Brad is my type and that meeting him involved a high degree of self-control on my part. Something the previous reviewers are right about is that he’s extraordinarily cute. Brad is one of the cutest twinks I’ve ever seen in fact. I don’t know how a boy as cute and young as Brad ended up in the low end of his profession, but it’s wrong to exploit him. He deserves better.


I had a long talk with Brad. It took him a while to open up to me, but he did. My knee-jerk diagnosis is that Brad is probably schizophrenic with an untreated chemical imbalance. He might also be suffering from a mild neurological disorder, as evidenced by the physical tics that the first reviewer mentioned. He allowed me to drive him to the facility where I work and enroll him in an outpatient program. I set him up to live at the home of a female acquaintance of mine. He is no longer at the phone number posted here and with any luck, you have heard the last of him. Shame on you.


You: Hispanic male in my late 30s.


Brad responds: Don’t believe this guy. He’s a prick. I have a new number. It’s 310-555-9876. Call me if you’re a generous man. I’m up for anything. I need a place to live too. This guy’s a fucking prick. I don’t need help. He’s a liar. I’m writing this on his computer. What does that tell you? Guys like him are the worst. They promise you shit and they don’t mean it. Don’t call me if you’re like him.


Webmaster’s message: My repeated attempts to contact JoseR72 and have him confirm this review have been unsuccessful. Until further notice, I strongly advise all of you to stay clear of Brad.






Review #4

Escort's name: Brad

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 18

Month and year of your date: July 2001

Where did you find him: this site

Escort's advertised phone number: pager 310-555-9876

Rates: $500 overnight

Did he live up to his physical description: yes

Did he live up to what he promised: no

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130 lbs

Facial hair: no

Body hair: pubes

Hair color: dirty blond

Eye color: hazel

Dick size: 6 inches

Cut or uncut: cut

Thickness: less than medium

Does he smoke? not with me

Top, bottom, versatile? total bottom

In calls/out calls/not sure: Out with me

Kisser: yes

Rating: not recommended

Hire again: no

Handle: bizeeb7






I read the warning on Brad, but I was in the LA area on business and decided to take a chance. I called the number expecting a pager but Brad answered. Despite what has been said about him, he was quite talkative, too talkative if anything. I suspected he was on drugs at the time, but in retrospect I think he was in the manic phase of whatever mental illness he is suffering from. I offered to pay for his taxi ride to my hotel near the LAX airport, and he said he wasn’t far away and would leave immediately. I waited for him in front of the hotel for more than two hours, then gave up and went to sleep after trying to reach him by phone with no luck…"

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