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real men offered for your viewing pleasure


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for the mature lovers among us i offer




for those into the darker aspects of sex.....leather





for those that like the puppy dog look




and of course for those that love em young




and we can never forget those of you into uniforms ah the manly men.





no thanks is neccesary all i ask is that you gentlemen enjoy.


bless you one and all

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One of these days I'm going to have to teach you how to post image links, young pup... the ugly titles of the URLs kind of spoil the effect.


hint: use (img src="<image URL>") but change the "()" to "[]")


Actually this one's not too bad in a furry androgynous kind of way.... he just needs to lose the apron.



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Guest zipperzone

Now all that's left to do is to guess which one is a self portrait of Taylor.


I vote for the one with the T shirt that proclaims he fucks on the first date!

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RE: real men as if he would know


taylor really likes us! I can tell cuz he is taking the time from his active, busy life as a young scion of society down there in the hills to post pictures for us!

Over at the the other site, he even posted reviews of us:





just the opinion of a simple,humble,modest,ol' country boy...


boston guy,lucky,onefinger are gutless shriveld dick pond scum.

jackhammer...just a harmless kiss the church ladies dingle-berrie covered ass nutcase.

conway....well he's conway...thinks of himself as the cfo...really works in the mail-room.

j.t.brooklyn...i actually feel sorry for this one, he's the kid in every school with the big head,broken plastic horn-rim glasses held together with tape,ya know,the one with godawful body odor and k-mart clothes....just hoping nobody will beat him up today.

zipperzone....LOL this freak is just a......well.....freak.

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