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Guest ReturnOfS

Ok taylorky, whats the hidden message? :-)

I don't get it. Its a link to a baby shower and I don't recognize anyone in the pics.

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Taylor's a wascally wabbit!


Taylor's our wily wesident teenboi miscreant, doing his part to keep the "church ladies" on their toes!


He's just telling us he's ready for his regular spank and tickle session.


Right buddy? U cute thing U **lick**



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RE: Taylor's a


taylor subtle????? Not when he reviews us:





just the opinion of a simple,humble,modest,ol' country boy...


boston guy,lucky,onefinger are gutless shriveld dick pond scum.

jackhammer...just a harmless kiss the church ladies dingle-berrie covered ass nutcase.

conway....well he's conway...thinks of himself as the cfo...really works in the mail-room.

j.t.brooklyn...i actually feel sorry for this one, he's the kid in every school with the big head,broken plastic horn-rim glasses held together with tape,ya know,the one with godawful body odor and k-mart clothes....just hoping nobody will beat him up today.

zipperzone....LOL this freak is just a......well.....freak

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