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A Funny Thing Happened. . .


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After a session with an escort, I got into the shower. I could see the whole bathroom because the shower curtain was transparent, so I noticed when the door opened a bit. I couldn't see him because the door opened on the other side. "Okay if I reach in to grab some towels from the closet?" he called out, indicating the closet that was next to the door.


I was a LITTLE puzzled by how circumspect he was being, but said "Sure." After his arm reached in and got the towels, I gave it a moment's thought and said, "Uuuuh, you HAVE seen me naked!" He laughed and said "That I have!"


Anybody else got a funny (or funnier) escort story?

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>Anybody else got a funny (or funnier) escort story?



Many years ago I was in an eastern city during a snowstorm. I had picked up this cute twink and the plan was to go back to my place for some fun. The twink was 19 very very very long straight brown hair, and a baby face. In fact, he didn't even shave yet.


The snowstorm was blinding and the highway we were on had near zero visability. I pulled over to wait till it clamed down a bit. We were both horny so he slipped his pants off and I went down on him.


Not more than five minutesd went by when my car was lit up like a Christmas' tree. I heard a knock at my window and rolled it down to find a state trooper.


He is shining the light on me and my friend and asks,


You ok in there?


Yes officer


Where are you coming from?


We had dinner at Joes then headed back to my place


Why did you stop here?


To wait out part of the storm


Ok you and your girlfriend be careful the roads are really a mess.


Thank you sir



Any other year this wouldn't have happened. But this was a mean year one who I did not get along with. Happily he was been dismissed from the everlasting numbers we have formed.

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