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a little silly humor


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This is an anecdote about Noah, and the reconstruction after the Great Flood.


After the rain had stopped, and the dove had come back with the olive branch, Noah docked the ark and lowered the gangplank. He got up on deck and bade the animals go out -- two by two -- and multiply. You can imagine, with all the species present, it took upwards of two days for them all to disembark.


When it seemed that everyone had left, Noah went back to give the vessel a "once over." There, in the shelter of one of the cabins below deck, he found two snakes huddled in the corner. Gently, he picked them up and escorted them to land, saying, "As per divine instructions, go out into the world and multiply."


One of the snakes looked at him sadly and said, "We cannot, Sir -- we're adders."

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