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Thong Thief Nailed Again


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The notorious Wisconsin thong thief is at it again, according to cops. Anthony Scholfield, 24, was arrested Wednesday and charged with once again breaking into a home and pilfering panties.



(I think he's kinda cute.)


As he did when first arrested in 2003, Scholfield allegedly targeted a residence near the University of Wisconsin campus in Menomonie. He apparently picked his female victim after delivering a pizza to her home on July 1, according to the below criminal complaint.


The woman, Kristin Blexrude, discovered the burglary upon returning to her apartment after the Fourth of July weekend, noticing that "her dresser drawer was slightly open." A check inside revealed that three pairs of "very distinctive thong underwear" were missing.


After reporting the incident to cops, Blexrude recalled that Scholfield, working for Jeff & Jim's Pizza Place, had delivered food to her (she knew of his prior, highly publicized burglary spree). Cops got a search warrant for Scholfield's apartment and found Blexrude's three thongs (and 11 other pairs of women's underpants) hidden in the ceiling.


But the haul was dwarfed by Scholfield's prior prodigious output. When his home was raided in 2003, police found 854 thongs stashed throughout the crib, with the unmentionables hidden in shoe boxes, a briefcase, and a Pokemon lunch pail.


After copping a felony plea in December 2003, Scholfield was sentenced to 90 days in jail, placed on probation for three years, and ordered to pay $8,873.04 in restitution. Scholfield is currently jailed in the Dunn County lockup, where the above mug shot was snapped. Along with burglary and criminal damage counts, he has been charged with possession of marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia.



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Guest ReturnOfS

He is cute. I wouldn't mind stilling his thong. :+


I especially wouldn't mine seeing him in one. :9

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This guy apparently has quite a record:




The sad-looking young man seen in this mug shot is Anthony Scholfield, a 22-year-old college student who appears to have a big problem. He was arrested April 20, 2003 by the Menomonie (Wisconsin)Police Department after he broke into an apartment occupied by some casual friends and stole a bunch of their thong underwear. Someone saw him break in the basement and called the cops, who arrested him on scene. After obtaining a search warrant, they searched his apartment and found 854 THONGS, so apparently he’s been burglarizing more than just a few homes and apartments. Sounds like a rapist-in-training to us!





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OK, I admit it. I was curious about what was to be found at mugshots.com. Here are few examples:




Antonio Guillen


Added 04/13/2005 - And here we have Antonio Guillen, whose mother apparently never taught him how to act appropriately in public. Mr. Guillen is being held for this mug shot by two deputies of Maricopa County (AZ), since he couldn't - or wouldn't - hold still on his own. Cops busted him for a felony count of threat or intimidation and a felony county of endangerment - hard to believe, looking at this mug shot. At any rate, we're sure both the Sheriff's Deputies and Mr. Guillen will have quite a time getting to know each other.




Bailey Junior Kurariki


This innocent-looking kid a convicted killer? Yep. This is Bailey Junior Kurariki, who at 13 was convicted of manslaughter for his role in the killing of an Auckland (New Zealand) pizza delivery driver in September of 2001. Kurariki, seen here in his mug shot from his arrest after the killing, is the youngest convicted killer in New Zealand. Kurariki just lost a petition for home detention for the balance of his 7 year sentence. The parole board considered the likelihood of further offending while on home detention, the likelihood of rehabilitation and the nature of the offence. Kurariki has been reported twelve times for behavioral incidents in his first year in prison. Sounds like this kid is a handful, and needs to be locked away for a long time.





Bryan Boggs


The cocky-looking dork seen in this mug shot is Bryan Boggs, of Tampa Florida, after his arrest by Tampa police on charges he phoned in 11 bomb threats in Hillsborough County so he “could hang out with his friends.” Since the bomb threats weren’t specific to any one school, the entire school district of 200 schools and 170,000 students all had to be evacuated each time. Boggs received a prison sentence of two years on November 26, 2003 for the prank. Maybe he’ll have time to think about how much fun it is to hang out with his new friends while he’s in prison.





Chris Kemp


Ok, this guy is definitely one of the guest stars on The “X” Files – he must be one of those alien block-head shape shifters, only this guy got in some kind of cat fight before they snapped his mug. Actually, this is Chris Kemp, and the real story behind his arrest is almost as weird as an “X-Files” plot. Kemp, arrested by Gresham County (Washington) PD after a homeowner returned from work to the home he shares with his mother and allegedly found Kemp inside the house, wearing his mother’s clothing, including a leopard-skin hat and matching scarf. Kemp allegedly had punched holes in the walls, stolen money out of Christmas envelopes and was in the process of moving kitchen appliances around when the homeowner appeared. The homeowner made Kemp sit down and wait for police to arrive, who promptly arrested him. We understand you could hear the cops laughing hysterically as they drove away.





Danny Lee Archer


We guess they don’t have enough to do in South Carolina, so they keep coming up with minor things they can turn into major things. The enterprising young man seen in this mug shot is Danny Lee Archer, arrested on October 1, 2003 by the Berkeley County (South Carolina) Sheriff’s Office for running a tattoo parlor out of his home. So a teenager gets a tattoo from Archer, runs home and shows it to his mom, who promptly reports it to police, who arrest Archer. That should make the streets a whole lot safer!





David Anthony Silva


And here we have David Anthony Silva. Desperate looking character in his mug shot, isn’t he? According to Stanislaus County (California) Sheriff’s Deputies, Silva is one of 11 suspects arrested for a string of violent home invasion robberies that have taken place in the central San Joaquin Valley of California since May of 2003. Police allege that Silva, along with his parents and 8 other people, struck numerous times at homes in outlying areas, holding families at gunpoint, threatening to kill family members and stealing property and vehicles. Silva is facing charges of attempted murder, sexual assault, possession of stolen property and being a member of a street gang





David Dinsmore

Added 06/16/2004 - This bonehead is one David Dinsmore, who is either smoking out too much, or doesn't have the sense God gave a goat. Dinsmore, seen here in a mug shot taken by the Denver (Colorado) PD after they arrested him on charges of allegedly setting a number of arson fires, appears just happy as a little clam he got busted. Good. We are too.





Dean Alan Fantana


Added 06/03/2004 - A Biblical Prophet? No, just one Dean Alan Fantana, seen here in a mug shot taken by the Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff's Department after they busted him with an open container on May 28, 2004. Wanna know what the scary thing is? This guy is only 52. We guess he's had a hard life, because he looks to us about 152!





Donald Duke Burgess


Good lookin', huh? Take a closer look. No, we mean a REALLY close look - it's a guy! Meet Donald Duke Burgess, seen here in a mug shot taken by Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff's Officers after, um, his arrest on April 19, 2004 on charges of allegedly possessing cocaine with intent to sell. He listed his occupation as an "entertainer" in Key West. Uh-huh. Female-entertaining type of entertainment, we're betting.






A slow descent into hell, it what this series of mug shots looks like to us. That’s what drugs will do for you – turn you from an attractive young lady to a hard-core, sleazy-lookin’ thing that looks like she sells it on the corner for anyone who doesn’t mind someone with some hard miles on her. Maybe they put a bag over her head? She’s a walking advertisement for why you DON’T want to go down the drug road.





Eduardo Ambrocio Delgado

Added 10/04/2004 - This clown is Eduardo Delgado, seen here in a mug shot taken by teh Mecklenburg County (NC) Sheriff's Department after they busted him in August of 2004 for driving while impaired. Looking at his mug shot, we'd say this guy is definitely impaired!






Eric Rogers

Oh, what those college boys will do! This lovely mug shot is of Eric Scott Rogers, who apparently has a tough time staying out of trouble. This mug, taken February 3, 2001 by the Lexington-Fayette (Kentucky) Urban County Division of Community Corrections, was snapped after Rogers’ arrest on a public drunkenness charge. (Not to mention a close encounter with a spray can of whipped cream!) He’s also been busted a couple of more times since this one on other charges ranging from failure to appear to DUI. At the rate he’s going, he may not make it out of college!





Fast Cars robbers

Ah, the Brits. Always coming up with something new and creative. These are the “Fast Car Robbers”, a group of eight guys who stole high-performance, luxury cars and used them as getaway cars in burglaries of post offices and security vehicles. The gang of eight, seen here in their mug shots from a Manchester, England court, got away with about $24,000, but got caught and sentenced to a total of 62 and a half years in prison. Pretty stiff reward for such a little take.





Harriette Dolly Kelton


Boy, she looks likea hardened criminal, doesn't she? Meet Dolly Kelton, of Highland Park (Texas), seen here in a mug shot taken by Highland Park PD after they arrested her on a traffic warrant. Apparently the Highland Park PD have a no-tolerance policy for such flagrant scofflaws - because even though Dolly is 97 - yep, that's right - 97 - they didn't give her a break when they stopped her for expired tags. She'd already received a prior ticket for the same expired tags, and hadn't paid it, which is why she had a warrant out for her arrest. So, the cops handcuffed her and took her in. Jeez, crime must be really slow in Highland Park, Texas if all the cops have to do is pick on 97-year-old women.




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Rick "Sweet Cheeks" You are so right! He is a Cutie..Hopefully he will work all this out, an be able to move on with his Life... I definitely have a Collection of T/W'S that were at one time, on a few Gorgeous Butts! Not to mention how well the Pouches were filled out! LOL :+

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