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Real World The Austin TX Season


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Is it me or does it fucken suck shit !!!! Holy boringness Batman !!!

The very white girl from Ohio might need to get shot...the hot built guy from Boston is great but he has already become a whipped pussy cause of Melinda (who is kind of hot, but not really)


Everyone else is just stupid and I mean dense !!!!


but still I watch and wait...hoping for better episodes...and for the famous vacation episodes


BTW Nehemiah strikes me as gay

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Sorry guys,


Yup The real world is MTV's claim to fame for reality TV shows. 7 assholes (ages 18-27) picked to live in a house and have their lives filmed. Started years ago in NYC and has been all over the USA in diff coties.


I didnt realize that my fellow Real Worlders were not here :-( I was watching the show and online last night and decided to post cause the episodes pissed me off



As for Maddox, email me :-)

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Guest Fisher

I didn't see the Real World Austin yet.

I haven't regularly watched the Real World for

several seasons. The last few have been

snoozers. My favorite was the New Orleans

season. Who wouldn't love super sexy

gay Danny :9



Fisher :7

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Guest mbarz

The cast is an exact replica of the San Diego season.


Danny = Brad the All-American fratboy.


Wes = Randy the less cute fratboy.


Rachel = Jamie the unimportant female.


Johanna = Robin the drunken fucked up female.


Melinda = Cameron the cute dumb blonde female.


Lacey = Frankie the weird chick.


Nehemiah = Jacques the lonely black guy.


So far this season sucks and if they keep the focus on Danny and Melinda, it won't get any better. I think it's time to retire this series.

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Actually, I enjoy having this mindless show on in the background while working on the computer.




I think Danny is really cute and his Boston accent is adorable. He strikes me as a very sensitive guy and I think that will come out in some very dramatic ways as the season progresses. Right now he's being portrayed as the "pretty boy" but I think there is a lot of depth behind his cute face.


Wes is kinda starting to grow on me. His voice, with the gutteral "stops", makes me wonder if he's a former studderer. I think he will probably develop into the leader of the group.


I have also wondered about Nehemia and his potential gayness. He is often seen wearing a t-shirt with rainbow colors. I wonder if that isn't a not-too-subtle hint.


The girls really strike me as being "strange".

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I used to follow Real World a few years ago. The Seattle gang was one of the high points of the series for canned interpersonal drama with big-dicked sexy Boston Dave and his "Is he or isn't he?" metrosexuality. But they lost me in San Diego with that goth chick Frankie and her "cutting" and the whole continual angsty drama between the girls.


It's gotten way too formulaic these days... Like Survivor is getting to be, they need to shake things up a bit. But I'll keep checking in from time to time, just cause I'm a sucker for cute guys on reality shows. And look... here comes Big Brother 6. Hope there's some homoerotic action there...

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