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Suspicious Trio of Hott Guys in D.C. This Week


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I noticed three very hot new ads on Rentmen for DC:








And maybe a fourth (he advertised as Torkish a week or so ago):




Or a fifth:




All of them are model handsome + say "ask for rates" + advertise as versatile/top but are vague about what they enjoy + they all show up about the same time in DC (for a period 11/30 to 12/3): Coincidence??? I doubt it.


So the question is this: Is this a scam of some sort? Is at least one of them genuine?


Insights appreciated!

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In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, The Great Gazoo is always right!!!!

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GMan, thank you for noticing the previous inquiries.


The previous threads suggest that Spain and probably Amos are suspect--but some posters thought that Mosa and Mysterious might be legit. My question is that the similarity of the ads and their virtually simultaneous appearance raise more red flags.


And how about Marcos Brazilian? He sent me a sweet email, but did not answer my questions about what he enjoyed doing. So the jury is out on him . . . .

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My memory has never been good and it is not getting better, but I think I remember some comments in some threads after the Rentboy raid about how Rentmen was committed to follow some kind of verification process, I think I even remember somebody from Rentmen promising to go after the fakers. Am I hallucinating?

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And the first one, "Spain" has pictures of Max Emerson who is an underwear model with videos on You Tube. He bills himself as a male underpants super model.



Can't be him and can't be real.

Edible VPL...now you talkin' my language! Carbs & protein!



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Amusing update:

Amos, Mysterious, Mosa, and Spain all just left DC according to their ads.


Amos - to Turkey

Mosa - Morrocco

Mysterious - France

Spain - Spain


However, all 4 of them are returning to Philly today!


On another thread someone said escorts will claim to be overseas to thwart clients trying to find them - maybe because the escorts are frauds.


What the F?! How long are they going to perpetuate this fraud? R they getting away with it?

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Didn't an escort who is pretty popular just do something like this? Have multiple cities then go over seas and return before a flight could of even landed?


I know sometimes things come up (like my schudle earlier this week, Greyhound thought it was cute to lose my baggage and leave me with no supplies or cloths when I arrived in Buffalo, so that was a bust and a free bus ride home to get my stuff from the Cleveland GreyHound) So i said fuck the east coast and will return sooon-ish. The travel gods have pushed me away from New England.

Brian Kevin





I am traveling to:

08 Jan - Jan 12 Chicago, IL

12 Jan - Jan 13 Milwaukee, WI

13 Jan - Jan 15 Minneapolis, MN

15 Jan - Jan 17 Kansas City, MO

17 Jan - Jan 19 Denver, CO

19 Jan - Jan 20 Santa Fe, NM


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