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Best one I have found is Planet Romeo. The site is hard to navigate, but it has a wealth of information and seems to be the dominant advertising site for most European escorts. It is easy to communicate with escorts through the site and there is a review feature in the form of a "guest book." You can do a search based on location and your specific preferences. You can save the search and flag escorts as favorites. The site has lots of good features, but takes a while to learn. The mobile app seems to have fewer features--go to the full site. Be on the lookout for fakes and scams as you would with any site. If a guy asks for money in advance, pass him by. There are some really good sites for specific places like the UK (try sleepyboy.com.) Italy has some also. There is an agency in Prague, but you don't really need it.

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I almost exclusively use gay romeo / planet romeo http://www.planetromeo.com/


They have almost 29,000 escorts in Europe and every major city is covered in detail.


You can get some help in "guestbook entries" but they can be manipulated more than daddy's reviews.


I have hired in Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Poland, Turkey, through gay romeo and had good results, sometimes fabulous results.


Good luck, ragazz

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You all are awesome. Thanks, so much. Look out, Zurich!



If you are going to Zurich, you want to visit sauna Paragonya Wellness.


There are hustlers there from all over the world. The majority of hustlers are Brazilians and Asian.


The sauna is in a good neighborhood.


Here is one of many links:




Have fun.


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