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Who want to create "eraser nips"!


I met a guy the other night who was an expert at elongating nips. He showed me a homemade device that was constructed of parts purchased at Home Depot. It consisted of three pieces of clear flexible 3/8" tubing connected with a barbed T fitting. Each piece of tubing was no more than a foot long. Positioned with the T upside down you place two of the tubes over your nips. You suck the the air out of the third tubing and that creates a vacuum that pulls the nips into the two tubes that are placed over your nips. If you place some lube or lotion over the nips it helps create a better suction. Unlike snake bites etc., he says that it creates a better looking nipple. A nipple that looks more naturally elongated.


I did not try it, but another guy did and you can literally see the nips being suctioned into the tubes. He said that it also felt quite good as well!


So worth a try and it can be constructed for pennies!


Hope this helps!

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