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A new incentive to visit or revisit Brazil?


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I know that this forum has, essentially, lost the heavy interest shown in the past concerning Brazil.


A decade ago, or so, the currency exchange for Americans visiting Brazil was quite high, almost 4 - 1 in our favor.


After a few years, the Brazilian monetary unit began to get strong which negatively affected the exchange rate for Americans. Over time, mainly because of the increase in prices in Brazil and the unfavorable exchange rate, Americans stopped visiting Brazil like they did prior to the devaluation of the US dollar compared to the Brazilian real.


During the weak dollar period, at one point, the exchange rate was 1.60 - 1 which made things cost a lot more in Brazil.


Two weeks ago today, Brazil officially announced that it is in a monetary recession.


Consequently, the American dollar continues to regain the strength it lost and has become stronger ever since the announcement of the recession.


Today, the Brazilian real traded at 2.43 - 1, which isn't bad for us.


If this trend of our stronger dollar continues, I suspect that more Americans will travel to Brazil and this section of the forum will come to life again.


By the way, I have continued to visit Brazil even though the dollar has weakened. Brazil is exciting but not as much as it was in the early 2000s; but, it is exciting.


Another thing, Brazil being beneath the equator means that the seasons are opposite from the U.S. That means Spring just began in Brazil while Autumn just began in the U.S.


We shall see - - Brazil tourism may rise again! And, so will this section of the forum.


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