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Some Hot Bodied NYC Guys: Real Deal or Stolen Pix?


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google image search for Igor showed no matches for a couple pics and matches to other ads of his or to a couple tumblrs for the other shots....not a bad result


and a google image search showed no matches (a good thing) for the pics of Italian Jock...EXCEPT for the arched-back butt shot....which was found in this other guy's ad:




Some Of My Daddy's Reviews (updated link coming soon-ish)

Pronouns: me, me, me


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Did you read the long instructions on how to "hire" Italian Jock" guy? He does not want a one-hour or non permanent situation. He clearly says he wants a sugar daddy relationship.


Any reasonable person knows that you do not answer an ad and agree to be a sugar daddy to someone you never met and particularly, someone whose photos appear on more than one escort ad of a different escort.


Although he lists an out rate of $300.00, he negates that ad in his written introduction.


I don't think this guy is going to do well.


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Jax92, thanks! I saw the reviews for Igor, but they send a mixed message. I'd be interested in a muscle guy who can be a sub in bed. Igor has a couple of reviews as a Dom, and a bad review as well, but nothing about his sub abilities.


AZDR, thanks as well. Good news that he might be using his own pix (except for one, which baffles me).


MVAN1, thanks for the excellent advice. Sounds spot on about the other guy. Igor seems possible, but I'd be interested in posts from anyone who has met him.


Valuable Forum IMO.

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