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PREP and BB requests


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All the recent discussion of PREP have made me think how has this affected the type of requests you get.

Basically do you notice an increase in bareback requests this year or in the last couple of years as to before? How often are BB requests anyways?

Do guys often say these days "I want to BB but no worries I'm on PREP"?


I get that the times are changing, and a lot more gay men are on it, but I'm strictly concerned if this has impacted the type of requests you get.



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This appears to be the truth; times are changing. This, however has been really good news for me as it has saved me a lot of time.


Even as recently as one year ago I got very few requests for bareback and they always came after a long, strenuous indirect flurry of emails and texts vaguely suggesting bareback by means of code words and euphemisms. After hours and hours of communication it was finally revealed that what they really wanted was bareback sex rendering all the effort fruitless. It wasted a lot of precious time dealing with these people.


Today men seem to be very comfortable with the fact that they want bareback sex and request it directly without preambles. They often sound surprised when I categorically respond that I don't do bareback and a few even ask why not. These conversations last less than a couple minutes and as soon as it is clear that I won't give them what they want I never hear from them again, which works well for me.


I think that the guilt and shame associated with bareback sex are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and I think this is a good thing. It is my belief that not more people are having bareback sex, but most people are becoming really honest about it, which makes it much easier to determine compatibility and minimizes risks. One of the biggest accomplices of infection are secrecy and lies, so I welcome this influx of honesty with open arms.


I believe we are all adults and have the duty to make the right decisions for ourselves, and honest and direct communication about our choices are a very responsible and mature thing to do.

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Personally, I haven't noticed any increase in BB requests since the introduction of Truvada.


My profiles and website clearly state that I don't engage in bareback sex (unprotected anal intercourse).


If someone hasn't payed enough attention to the ad copy, he gets a "canned" reply saying the same thing, thanking him for the interest and wishing him good luck.



ManToman, you asked a valid quastion and you need to get the guys who list themselves as "uninhibited" (a code word for barebacking) respond to it.


By the way, a study conducted in 2013 that interviewed 418 online male escorts revealed that 30% did not use a condom with their last male client.

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I've been asked twice in the entire year, so far. Just twice.


One from a guy on prep who wanted to fuck me bareback, calling it a "game changer" and one from a guy who furnished me with his test results, knowing I publish mine on my website. I declined both appointments.

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