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Was "Mean girls" star Jonathan Bennet accidentally taken out of the closet?


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Was "Mean girls" star Jonathan Bennet accidentally taken out of the closet?


So many rumors about him, times have changed and been gay might help him promote is career, why would he be still in the closet?













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I've seen him on lists of gay actors before, so I just assumed he was open about his sexual orientation. I can understand some older actors such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta, who've put up such a show about not being gay for years, that it would be difficult for them to come out (not to mention problems with their religion). But for someone of Jonathan Bennett's generation, I'm not sure why it's worth the effort to put up a charade. Popular gay celebrities such as Matt Dallas, NPH, Ricky Martin, Jonathan Groff, Matt Bomer, and even Jim Parsons and Rufus Wainwright still have their adoring female fans.

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