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Martin - NYC Rentboy

Doe Be Doe

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When I googled his pictures, nothing came up. Although that doesn't guarantee that the pictures are authentic or recent, at least there's no red flag right off the bat. Regarding "for had the best Bed than you can get," I'm guessing that's the unfortunate result of Google Translate or some other translation program. He could indeed be a very well-educated guy, but with poor English (English instruction tends to be pretty awful in Spain). I don't think his hourly rates ($300 in/$350 out) are at all out of line when you consider the ridonkulous cost of living in NYC. His overnight rate does seem high, at least to me, but unless your Spanish is good, you won't be looking for an extended hire. In any case, if those pics are legit, then I think Martin's worth every penny. OMG, that ... hairy ... ass ...

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