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411: Alex in Miami, lead profile on Rentboy today


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Quoting the post without the FB link you alerted (nine times) on.



I agree, he is quite hansome.


However, his rentboy ad says he is age 24 and his name is Alex. His backpage ad says he is 26 and his name is Joe. Hmmm.


Also, his rentboy ad is in Spanish while his backpage ad is in English.


A previous rentboy ad expired after he called himself Rickey at age 25.


Too many name changes indicate someone trying to escape a bad reputation, generally speaking.


Then, Google his phone number and you will see that he advertises under another name of Rickey.


Just checked an image on the main picture of his ad. It belongs to a Brazilian fitness guru. I pasted a link but it may not open. Do the Google image and you should be able to open the link if it does not open here.


Following By fecamargo | igviewer.com - online web ...



150 × 150 - ️Brazilian ️Degree in Marketing ️Fitness style Contato profissional: ️[email protected] Kik: fecamargo.

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Quoting the post without the FB link you alerted (nine times) on.



Thanks, Deej. I didn't intend to alert nine times. I posted a request for the item to be deleted but after clicking where indicated, there was no response from the alert page. There also was no indication that the request went through. All is well that ends well.

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