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Bradley - Blonde Hottie in LA


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Nothing in his ad, except advertising as "custom," indicates that his massage includes erotic elements. And, as was noted here last week, many guys advertise "custom" just to get clients -- and don't include any erotic elements at all.

You absolutely MUST contact him, and ask explicitly and up front if he is nude during the massage, does he encourage (I hate that "mutual touching allowed" -- are THEY doing YOU a favor?) touching and fondling? Is he willing to touch and fondle YOU in the sensitive areas that you like? And is there are happy ending? Plus whatever else you consider important.

If you don't ask, it's a crapshoot. You'll get a good massage, but that's all. And it will be your own fault.

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I think he's the real thing as a massage therapist because of his positive reviews on the other site, and I've seen more current pics of him... he's stunning for sure.


The issue is how erotic, and I can always ask of course, just sometimes great to get the real take here. Some are into it and creative and imaginative and fun; others are more perfunctory... as we all know.



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