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Scoop on Scruffy Puppy in Chicago


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I apologize for not knowing anything personally. But just a few observations


1. His pictures are better on M4RN than they are on Rentboy.

2. He has 12 written reviews from M4RN. All but one are complimentary. However unless he pre-selects his clients, it's very unusual that with that many reviews none of them remark on anal ( well they mark it as 'unknown'). And many mark oral 'unknown' too. The few that mention oral mark it as 'receives'.

3. Several describe him as gay- but several also describe his sexuality as unknown.

4. Several describe kissing unknown- but also a few do say that he kisses but don't describe it further.

5. His Rentboy ad doesn't mention top/bottom/versatile or his sexual orientation.

6. He's lost an inch of height between his Rentboy and M4RN ads.


But whether he is actually gay, straight, or bi, going by the reviews he seems one of the less interactive - more of the muscle worship type. Of course if you talk to him, he may tell you he is into more than his reviews describe. If he is on the less interactive side as his reviews suggest and not gay, it's a darn shame as he is really adorable.





In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, The Great Gazoo is always right!!!!

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