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Lagoa - Sao Paulo


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There isn't much activity on the forum anymore with respect to Brazil.


For the few who might read this post, Lagoa was rather busy last night. There were a large quantity of nice looking garotos available.


I just returned to Brazil this week so I have not had much time to check out the other usual haunts.


By the way, I previously reported that Edgarde (the 2/3 ownwer) of Lagoa had died. As life (and death) is, Edgarde does not appear to be missed. His remaining 1/3 partner convinced Edgarde's heirs to sell Edgarde's share to him. Now, Rodolfo, is the sole owner of Lagoa. That should prove interesting considering the many confrontations Rodolfo has had over the years with customers and garotos.


By the way, the money Brazil spent during the World Cup (getting financially broke) has finally shown in the new airport at Sao Paulo. Most of the international flights now arrive in the new Terminal 3. The new terminal is quite attractive and is not as crowded as the former Terminal 2 that most of us used for so many years.


Brazil built the new terminal and countless stadiums in various parts of Brazil for the world Cup and for the upcoming 2016 Olympics. These expenditures had a great influence on Brazil officially declaring that Brazil is in a financial recession, effective one week ago. Already the currency exchange rate shows in our favor, at 2:32 - 1 today.

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