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That's a cute looking twink.


I don't know anything about him, but a Google Image search on some of the photos leads to some contradictory profiles. The first photo links to two different profiles on the same site, one of which belongs to a guy in Ohio whose other information seems consistent with this guy's photos and Rentboy stats; the other profile claims to be a 30 year old guy, and I don't think these photos are of someone that old. A couple of the other photos appear on various other sites, but just as examples of hot guys showing off in selfies. So, nothing necessarily stands out that would make me think the guy running the ad is a fake, but of course it's possible that someone simply found that photo collection and decided to use it in their Rentboy ad.


The only very curious thing, if the guy in the ad is indeed the guy in the photos, is that the phone number area code is from southern California and this guy's other online identity indicates he's born and raised in the Great Lakes area. I know that one cannot necessary judge someone's location by his phone number any longer since people move and take their phone numbers with them, but it doesn't sound like this guy would have had any reason to have chosen a phone number from an area thousands of miles away from where he lives.


Okay, taking my detective hat off now. :)

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He just showed up in the m4rn listings in Detroit. That ad's only offering massage (and "hot" massage), along with a partner who's got the same travel dates listed.


Adam'd Detroit ad: http://www.men4rentnow.com/ds/index.asp?cmd=view&id=300701&Login=adam22

his partner Matt: http://www.men4rentnow.com/ds/index.asp?cmd=view&id=300951&Login=mattmiller

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