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411 on Boston possibles


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I'm looking for fun in Boston. I like kissing, kuddling, konversation, and kumming. (Maybe somebody who can spell, lol) No anal, no BDSM, no drama. Guys like Tristan, Ben Keiran, Andrew Irons, Guy etc. Do you have any thoughts to share on any of these candidates?

This guy is Bruce on Daddy's with a bunch of first-time reviews. He's also on RentBoy as HunkyItalianGuy.

Jay Marzino (Horsehung Jay) is on RentBoy only.

Brad Allan Is on RentBoy only.

Christopher is on RentBoy only.

Greek Vino is on RentBoy only.

Aznguy4u is on M4RN only.

Drew Sumrok's ad is on HourBoy for Boston, but he has reviews on Daddy's for NYC.

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Sorry can't help ya, but 4 of your links open the same rentboy ad.


How the heck does that happen? I checked out the links, I swear I did. (Senior moment? . . . Nah.)


See if these work:


GreekVino: http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=342662&iid=180225&scid=129283587&sp=1&pos=0&locid=1503&type=escort


Christopher: http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=137014&iid=49653&scid=129283633&sp=1&pos=0&locid=1503&type=escort


Brad: http://www.rentboy.com/Listing.aspx?lid=261261&iid=123972&scid=129283451&sp=1&pos=0&locid=1503&type=escort

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Hey GP,

Brad is Brad Allan from Toronto. I don't know how to post a link here but he has a lot of positive reviews.


I hope you have a great time with whoever you decide to go with.


Right you are, manTOman. But here's why he caught my eye: BACK in BOSTON soon!! Hosting at a DT hotel from September 13

OTOH, because of your comment, I reread his reviews, and I see now he might a lot rougher than I'm looking for. Thanks for the tip.

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Christopher is the former Christopher Bruce, who was once a star for BigEast Wrestling. I think in the 1990s. I have never met him, but mutual acquaintances say he has packed on weight and is not ageing very well. (Back in the day, I considered him very handsome, and I am sure he retains much of that.) I doubt he is very interactive; even in his BigEast days he was shy about showing off his then-great butt and lower body. Personally, I have always wanted to French kiss him, but if he were not really "into it" my enthusiasm would vanish.


I have med Brad Allan. He is older, strong and in great shape (but not quite as buffed as the photos on his ad), pretty dominant, honest about what he will do. Rugged looking, not quite what I would call handsome. If you are concerned that he is too "rough" with clients, simply talk with him about that concern--he actually listens and is happy to follow a client's lead (in my experience).


If I had to choose between Chris and Brad, I'd go with Brad, because he is clearly "into" sex with other guys, at least in my experience (and consistent with his great reviews).

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