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Inspired by Okie's Spanking Joke

whipped guy

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Normally I would post this in the Fetish Forum, but heck... Okie posted a spanking joke here recently... So here goes...


Question: What is the best way to clean leather chaps, jocks, harnesses, and other similar items?


Answer: You take it to a dry cleaner that has the expertise to clean leather... but preferably one across town (or in another town) where they don't know you... However, if that's not possible you pay someone else it do it for you...



Actually, a while back I had seen this on a website that sold leather toys etc, but can't recall the actual site. I added the part about contacting someone else. While there are products and techniques to clean leather at home, this particular firm recommended professional cleaning as the best option under their FAQ, but did so with their tongue firmly planted in their cheek.


All I can add is that I concur about utilizing a professional as very often such leather items often be-cum soiled in unorthodox ways...

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