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Yorkville Endoscopy Being Investigated in Rivers Death

Frankly Rich

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Yorkville Endoscopy, the company where Joan Rivers spoke her last words, does not even honor her passing on their website. The first thing you see is a link to "billing inquiries." They want their money! They are currently being investigated to learn the circumstances of Joan Rivers' treatment there last week.


The company, on its website, says it is committed to:


Listening to our patients and their families.

Earn the trust and respect of patients, family members, and the community.

Exceed the expectations of those we serve

Ensure a creative, challenging and compassionate professional environment.

Strive for continuous improvement at all levels.


They certainly exceeded Joan's expectations. Let's hope it turns out to have just been a horrible coincidence or something like that.



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Media is reporting such investigation is routine in such cases and does not suggest suspicion of negligence, etc.

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What was the surgery she underwent?


There's this from the Huff Post.




As of this morning there are now two state investigations into her death. The one that Frankly Rich first posted and one from NY Medical Examiner, calling for an autopsy. It would be more tragic if her death was unnecessary.

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