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I can only hazard a guess - I rarely use windows, but I work with computers for a living.


I suspect what's going on is that you're using a "Virtual Private Network" to connect to work, and when you do,

*all* of your internet traffic may be going through the work connection, and that your place of work filters out

AIM but lets normal traffic pass, and this happens because it will install a "default route" through your work connection.


If this is the case, you may be able to determine what the IP addresses of of the AIM servers are, and install addtional

host or network routes to them in addtion to the default route.


So, it would be *possible* , but not easy, and would require somebody who really knew what they were doing.


Good Luck!

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connect and log in to my company's network - when I open my office messenger, it cuts out my AOL instant messenger,


Like Honcho, I'm assuming you're using some sort of VPN to work.


They probably block AIM intentionally and ANYTHING you attempt to bypass that will likely flag you as questionable traffic. If you attempt anything without working with your work's IT department you may find yourself summarily cut off from the office.


You need to talk with work's IT department.

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