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I'm just curious what some of you guys use to store your photos (and I'm talking about the general erotic photos that are posted here). I have a large library (thousands) of them and I have plenty of space in my Dropbox account but what I'm finding is that the pictures all end up in my PhotoStream or Camera Roll (I'm using a Macbook/iPad/iPhone). I thought that by saving them to Dropbox in non-shared files I could keep them from "popping" up in other places. I tried removing them from Photostream but it also removed them from Dropbox.


Are there other storage facilities that will allow:

a.) Nude and hardcore pics

b.) Access from any portable device I choose (my iPad/iPhone/etc)

c.) Protected from others stumbling across them


Thanks guys

Capt. Kev

Visiting a City Near You Soon

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I am a little surprised this post hasn't received any responses, though perhaps that is due to its placement in what is probably the wrong forum. (It seems to fit Daddy's Place on tech better than The Gallery.) But in any event it would seem that the general response of forum members would be not to store your photos in the cloud if you don't want them shared without your consent, assuming the response to the following thread on The Great Celebrity Naked Photo Leak is any indication:



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