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J traveling in Houston


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From personal experience, I wouldn't advise it, and it wasn't just me. I think he used to have some bad reviews either on here or M4RN. If on M4RN, they have probably been erased or the ad deleted a long time ago. I don't remember what his escort name was when he routinely advertised in Dallas. It was years ago when he ran a routine ad. If I can find an inactive review from Daddy's, I will post it.





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Here is another of his many ads - this ad shows some face pictures:




This ad shows even more photos:




Here is a collection of his ads placed over time:




By the way, he has an extraordinary penis - in the two year period of his ads, his penis varies in size from 7 inches to 9 inches - remarkable





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I spent some time with him a couple years ago. It was OK, nice, enjoyable. Nothing terribly negative about the experience. I remember he tried his best and was generally pleasant. cheers.

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