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Help Me Out Guys


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Lately I've been morphing from top only to more versatile and beginning to enjoy bottoming as long as I go slowly.

My problem is this (and I know there are volumes here on the forum but…): I find that it takes me almost an hour to clean and prep myself. I want to make sure I'm as clean as possible and maybe I'm overdoing it.


My take is that I only need to clean the rectum so I make sure that I keep cleaning until the water is clear. But then I read that if you do too much you wash away the mucus that protects the insides. I also eat light the day before and take some imodium along the way. It's the amount of rinsing and the length of time it takes me that I question.


Also, any suggestions on the "object" used: Fleets bottle, 8 oz bulb douche, ???

I use plain water, is there anything better.


I also like to be extra clean and fresh smelling for rimming - any thoughts?


Thanks to anyone who could put the answers into a nutshell - smaller than a coconut!

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Biguy, there's a lot of information covering the subject available in this Forum


For instance: http://www.m4m-forum.org/showthread.php?86681-Advice-please-on-anal


and http://www.m4m-forum.org/showthread.php?82221-Please-help-a-confused-new-bottom


To answer your question I think it really depends on your diet. Usually it takes me 10-15 min to prep and clean out; an hour seems exaggerated, but again I guess it depends on one's anatomy, technique used and diet. You don't want to stress and hurt the lining of your colon with too many manipulations prior to the main act. :)

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