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411 Tim Law NYC


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If you do an image search on Google his pictures seem to check out.


Not really!!! The pics do belong to an actual model, but his modeling profile lists his height as 6' not 6'3"


The bathroom "selfie" belongs to someone completely different (the faces don't match):




The ad is associated with the Wandermen "agency" that according to forum posts has a habit of "bat & switch"


The cock photos aren't even the same person and appear in the multiple "Wandermen" ads simultaneously.

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The "Tim Law" that showed up was NOT the guy in the pics by any stretch of the imagination. He asked for his fee upfront and then said he charges $3,000.00 to actually have sex. Writing a review but it's a scam.



You presented an excellent example why clients should not give money up front. Along those lines, an escort opened an entire thread defending escorts who want their money prior to the service rendered.


The thread is interesting to read.


The escort is probably a nice guy, or at least he seems that way from his writings. He presented an example of when he personally was ripped off by a client.


However, if there were some way to compute the actual statistics of how often an escort gets ripped off by a client versus a client being scammed by an escort, I have a feeling that the number of clients scammed would be somewhere in the high ninety percent of total scam events.


Here is a link to the thread if anyone is interested:



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