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How do you "reverse-search" an escorts' picture?


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I know that this has been discussed at various times on the Forum. Would someone be kind enough to provide a step by step method for performing a reverse search of an escorts' picture? Alternatively, a reference to the thread that may already describe this method, would be appreciated.

Thanks so much

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If you're using Chrome as your web browser, the easiest way is simply to download the Extension "Search by Image for Google." Once that's installed, all you have to do is right-click on an image and then select to search for the image. Occasionally a website will be designed such that the photos aren't searchable, but most of the time it works.

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Is "search by Image for Google" the protocol that you use to verify images on an escorts' website?

The Google Image response is very diffuse and scattered. Yet the forum members that report on "reverse search" seem to attain

very specific and precise findings. Are there any other image search tools in use?

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I use the url https://images.google.com in a separate window (using Firefox).


I then drag-and-drop the photo into the search bar.


One has to look at the results. If there are no other instances of a picture,

that's usually a good sign. Multiple images referring to the same photo may or

may not be good. Multiple images referring to multiple people is definitely

a no-go.


I hope that is of help?

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Seriously...to paraphrase a wise man.... "I think that I understand what you said, but I'm not sure if what I heard is what you meant".

Would you be kind enough to provide an example (Url/image) that results in:


1) No other instances of a picture,

2) Multiple images referring to the same photo.


I suspect that this" tutorial" will benefit many of us on the Forum

Thanks in advance

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The bottom line:


If you don't find a match of the image online, then at least you know the image wasn't simply pilfered from some website. Sure, it's still possible that the person using it got it somewhere that Google Image Search won't find (such as someone sent the photo via an email), but at least you have no evidence of a fake.


If you DO find an image match, that can mean one of two things: The image is being used by the same person in multiple places. This is fairly common. For example, a guy might have an ad on Rentboy, Men4RentNow, and Masseurfinder and have that photo in each profile. Or, for that matter, he might be using the same photo in some non-work related profiles. If the details all add up, this is not of any concern (though I'm always surprised when an escort uses the same photo in a work and non-work ad), but if the details don't add up that's a red flag. In other words, if the stats are significantly different then clearly something is wrong. If the location information doesn't match, maybe the guy is simply traveling but I'd attempt to verify in an indirect way how it is that the guy's photo is listed in multiple areas.


And, obviously, if you do find a match on the image and the match clearly indicates the guy is a fraud, you can simply move on. Some examples of clear fraud I've found: Photos of fairly successful models (are we supposed to believe that someone who is actually a successful clothes model is suddenly advertising sexual services on Backpage?!); photos where the torso and background match and the full photo shows the face to be someone else (I once found a guy using a famous actor's photo with his head cut off).

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